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I picked 9th in a standard scoring keeper league. I did not keep a player, so I went into the draft empty handed.

Starting 1 QB, 2 RB, 2WR, 1 WR/TE, 1 K, 1 DEF

Flacco, Cutler
McFadden, Turner, Hightower, Benson, Snelling, M.Bush
Wayne, Welker, Desean Jackson, Roy Williams
St Louis Defense
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Thanks for answering mine!!!

I like your team....great RB depth - a position you definitely need it throughout the season...

WR's are very nice too!!!

Did you forget to post your TE???

3 things:

1) Do you really need Cutler??? I guess it depends on your scoring system, but I usually just roll with 1 QB, unless, like this year, guys like Bradford and Freeman were good value picks....Cutler is on the waiver wire in all 3 of my $$$ pools...

In your case I would consider cutting Cutler loose, and look to add RB/WR depth....look for Delone Carter, Roy Helu, Kendall Hunter, Deji Karim at RB......for WR, check for Burleson, Benn, Roberts, D Moore

2) Roy Williams = JUNK - Cut him loose, and see above.....Not sure who your TE is, but if Kendricks or Cook are available, grab them(in that order)

3) Although the Rams D are up-and-coming, surely there HAS to be a better alternative......I think they make the jump next year......for this year, if you want an upside pick, grab the Chiefs.....that D is going to be STELLAR, and has A LOT of weapons.....McCluster bringing back kicks is an added bonus

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Posts: 18
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thanks! In our league we can start 2 WR's and one WR/TE. I decided to go with WR's since the TE pool was depleted. I will look to add the Chiefs for sure and will look into the other WR's you mentioned.

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