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thicknixon wrote:Scoring system: 1 point for every 25 yards passing, 6 points for TD, -2 points for fumbles lost and interceptions, 5 point bonus @ 300+ & 400+ yards passing.

Cutler vs. NE or Schaub vs. BAL?

It's a snowbowl in CHI with 30 mph winds and 55 mph gusts, stay far away from Cutler.

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1pt/20 passing yards, 6/pt for TD, -2/Int, -2/Fumble, Bonus for 300yards+ passing(4pts), or a 50+ passing TD(2pts)

Vick @ NYG

Kitna @ WAS

Normally, I'd say no doubts I'm starting Vick, but seeing what Vick did to the skins, can Kitna be a better choice?

This is round 1 of the playoffs.

QB - Cam Newton, Kirk Cousins
RB - David Johnson, Jay Ajayi, Wendell Smallwood, Tevin Coleman
WR - Larry Fitzgerald, Jarvis Landry, Michael Crabtree, Tyler Boyd
TE - Eric Ebron, Zach Ertz
K - Justin Tucker
D/ST - Pittsburgh Steelers, Tennessee Titans
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Scoring system: 1 point per reception, 1 point for every 10 yards rushing and recieving, 1 point for every 25 yards passing, 6 points for TD, -2 points for fumbles lost and interceptions
qb-vick vs. nyg, or brady vs. green bay
rb-adrian p vs. chicago, mcfadden vs. broncs, hillis vs. cinci, torain vs. dallas
wr- calvin j vs. buccs, steve j vs. mia, brandon l. vs. oak, berrian vs. bears.


12 team PPR/Bonus, IDP, Keeper, Contract

QB Tom B.
RB Ahmad B MJD Rashard M
WR Colston Amendola Stevie j
TE Brent C Kyle R
KR Brandon B
PK Lawrence T
DT Tyson A
DE JPP Derek M
LB Paul p Luke K David H Akeem A
CB Kyle A Sean S
S Eric B Eric W
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1 pt per 20 yds and 1.5 pts after 300
6 pts per TD

Flacco vs NO
Eli vs PHI
Kitna vs. WAS

I'm thinking about rolling with Kitna....looks like much more upside
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Brees @ Bal or Vick @ Giants? 1pt per 20 yards....4pt pass TD....1pt 10 yards rush....6pt rush TD.
Also need 1 from the following in PPR....Ocho vs Cle...Williams(tb) vs Det or Collie vs Jax?

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Please chose 1 each

QB scoring: 1pt per 25 yards, 6pt per TD, 2pt bonus for 300 yards
TE scoring: 1pt per 10 yards, 1 pt ppr, 6pt per TD, 2pt bonus for 100 yards
DST scoring: 1pt sacks, 2pt INTs, 6pt TD, 10pt shutouts

Freeman vs. DET
Collins vs. HOU

Daniels vs. TEN
Gonzalez vs. SEA

Tampa DST vs. DET
Oakland DST vs. DEN

Thanks for the help.
_______________________________________ PPR

QB - Carr
RB - D. Johnson, Gurley, Bernard, DWash, Foster, Ivory
WR - Hopkins, Evans, Landry, Floyd, Sharpe, Hogan
TE - Reed
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Rodgers (vs. NYG) or Garrard (vs. WSH)?

TD = 6
25yds = 1

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

May my players believe personal stats are more important than winning.

Afterall, there is no "team" in "I".
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6 pts per TD (rushing and passing)
1 pt per 20 passing yds
1 pt per 10 rushing yds

Eli Manning (@ Wash)

or Jay Cutler (vs. Atl)

What do ya think?

Praying for Ella Wirth!
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Also, (different league)
6 pts per TD (rushing and passing)
1 pt per 20 passing yds
1 pt per 10 rushing yds

Matt Stafford (@ TB)
Josh Freeman (vs. Det.)

What do ya think?

Praying for Ella Wirth!
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manning and stafford.

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Have so so QBs in one league: Cassel (vs Bills) and Cutler (vs Falcons)

25 yards-1 pt
TD-4 pts

Who would you start?
Concerned about Cassel's ribs. Also starting Charles. Too many eggs in the Chiefs' basket?
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dont know if this thread has been resurrected but..should i consider playing fitz over roethlisberger??

Roethlisberger @IND
i know they will dominate but if they get up early it may be mendy's day and not ben's

Fitzpatrick vs NE...
That offense has alot of confidence right now and this game could be a shoot out up to the end. Dont think buffalo has a chance but from a fantasy perspective this could be a gold mine this week.

feel weird considering this but wanted to hear your thoughts. (1 pt. 25 yds passing, 5 pts. TD, -1 int, +3 pts. 300-399 yds. 1 pt bonus every 100yds over 399)
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Scoring: 1 point per reception, 1 point for 10 yds rushing/recieving, 1 point for 25 yards passing, 6 points for all TDs, -2 points for fumbles lost and interceptions, 1 point for 20 return yds

My team:
QB - RIVERS v. KC, Tebow v. Det

RB - L. McCoy, D. Murray, J. Battle, F. Jones, R. Bush
WR - C. Johnson, W. Welker, Julio Jones, G. Little, E. Decker, P. Burress
TE - V. Davis
K - D. Bailey
Def - Cin., G.B.

Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 W/R/T, K, Def

REALdilemma with QB - it's such a toss-up this week I may literally flip a coin!!! Any insight is greatly appreciated!

secondary issue with flex - Battle, Little, or Decker? Leaning towards Battle, but Little is his team's WR1 now, and Decker does get return yards . . . .

Wouldn't normally stress over these marginal decisions, but this is a huge matchup for me this week!
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scoring---- passing 1pt per 25yds, 4 pt per td pass, .1 per completion,-2 per int, bonuses for 40,50 yd comp 300,400 yd games -----rushing 1pt per 10yds, 6 per rushing td,bonus for 100,200 yd games, receiving same as rushing but have a .5 ppr, defense,kicking standard ESPN scoring

QB Romo at Wash
RB lesean mccoy(NYG) jonathon stewart(DET) beanie wells(SF) lance ball(NYG) darren mcfadden(MIN) Javid Best(CAR)
WR Steve Smith(DET) denarius moore(MIN) mike williams(GB) micheal crabtree(ARI) harry douglas(TEN) lance moore(bye)
TE brandon pettigrew(CAR)
DP navarrro bowman(ARI)
D/ST bengals(BAL) jaguars(CLE)
K Jason Hanson(CAR)

we have a RB/WR slot so can start either 3 rb or 3 wr, pretty much nothing left on boards Mcfadden and Best injuries are killing me I went from 6-0 with them to 7-3 currently its a must win game for me plz help me!
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Need some love...been struggline and I have a big matchup...Only questions is QB to start for week 4:

Eli vs Phi
Dalton vs Jackson

Thought it would have been a no brainer but i am second guessing the poor Jax D against up and coming Philly secondary

thanks a ton


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