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and it looks bad. Already lost Britt, Jamaal Charles. Looks bad. May have just lost Andre as well. Bad Bad BAd
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snag jones and walter

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Should I drop Henderson or Burleson for Walter in an 18-team league?


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watching the texans right now it just doesn't seem like any 1 guy will get a ton more work. just more to spread around i think.
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It looked very similar to K.Britt, and others. He wasnt even touched on the play, he just fell and grabbed the back of his knee. I think it is the worst case, Probably and ACL or MCL Tear.
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yahoo says its his hamstring. glad its not a knee
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Glad I traded him away the other day. Hopefully it's not too serious.
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Scary thing when it happened. I never saw anything buckle, but anytime you see a guy go down with no contact you fear the worst. Good to see him back on the sideline later in the game.
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So who are sharks buying, Walter or Jones?

Neither did well in AJs absence.
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Last year when AJ was out of commission I don't feel either Jones or Walter filled his roll. Really just seemed that Houston ran it a ton, like today.
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PacoPunter wrote:Last year when AJ was out of commission I don't feel either Jones or Walter filled his roll. Really just seemed that Houston ran it a ton, like today.


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bigRICK825 wrote:yahoo says its his hamstring. glad its not a knee

yes..a hammy is better than the knee.

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& i just dropped jones in the 2 league i had him in before week 4 games. i'm not really worried about trying to get him back either.
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Jones has disappointed more often than not when given opportunity. This is a boon for Owen Daniels & Foster; this is a damper for Schaub & the passing game in general. This does nothing to change my outlook on Jacoby Jones & the rest of their WR's. Owen Daniels now becomes a top-5 TE imo.

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