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Y'all ready for this???
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Here are my picks with comments.
I felt luke warm at the time of the draft.
And now it looks like I'm going to have to do some building.

1.07 McFadden, Darren OAK RB (felt he was going to be a top tier RB, and he looks good so far)
2.06 Nicks, Hakeem NYG WR (was the next top tier WR available, hope his injury doesn't kill me)
3.07 Brees, Drew NOS QB (agonized over picking a QB so early, in hind sight I should have waited, but I wanted a top five player in one category at least.
4.06 Greene, Shonn NYJ RB (was the best pick at the time in my cheat sheet, but may not pan out)
5.07 Ingram, Mark NOS RB (trying to make up for late RB picking, he's gonna be a project for later in the year)
6.06 Ochocinco, Chad NEP WR (picked with hopes of a resurrection, not happening so far)
7.07 Garcon, Pierre IND WR (great value here, if Manning was healthy, but alas, I've already dropped him)
8.06 Wells, Chris ARI RB (best pick of my draft, and then I didn't start him last week.....doh!)
9.07 Green, A.J. CIN WR (he will grow with Dalton, I'm hoping)
10.06 Jets, New York NYJ Def (everyone started picking defense and I panicked, even in the Great White and Whale leaagues, but I can live with this)
11.07 Olsen, Greg CAR TE (another great value pick and waiting on TEs will pay off)
12.06 Flacco, Joe BAL QB (great get at 12 for backup and possible matchups during the year)
13.07 Ridley, Stevan NEP RB (pure speculation, now he's hurt and now he's gone)
14.06 Kendricks, Lance STL TE (waited as long as I could on him and finally pulled the trigger, could be great value)
15.07 Hill, Jason JAC WR (deep sleeper and I like what I've seen so far, now if we could only figure out the QB there)
16.06 Brown, Josh STL PK (best of what was left)

Overall, I liked the team I drafted, even though it would have been better had I picked up another top tier WR and waited on QB. But with Manning affecting the Garcon thing, and Ocho looking Oucho, I have some work to do.

Later gents,
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thought I'd chime in...recap my draft and say "wassup!"
1. Shady McCoy (targeted him as soon as I knew I was at 4, only players I would have taken instead are Rice and Peterson).
2. Peyton Hillis (was hoping Jennings would be there but happy to take the cursed one...hope he lasts 12 games)
3. Dwayne Bowe (At this time, I still had hopes for the Chiefs offense...mistake. Should have taken Miles Austin here...)
4. P Rivers (Normally I'm one of the last guys to take a QB but Rivers in the 4th...Child please"
5. J Witten (Love getting a high end TE in the 5th. Feel like it provides a distinct advantage week in and week out.)
6. M Colston (Liked this pick but now he's hurt...leaving me really thin at WR.)
7. BGE (Nice #3 RB with lots of chances to score)
8. B Edwards (wth was I thinking?)
9. J Starks (great f#cking pick if I do say so myself)
10. MSW (still waiting for him to evolve into the #1 for up and coming Bradford)
11. R Brown (handcuff)
12. T Gonzalez (in the 12th round....seriously?)
13. R Fitzpatrick (he's a Harvard grad...I think he can read NFL defenses)
14. Lions (Wait till they get Fairley on the field)
15. Falcons (Was thinking they get at least 2 games with the Panthers...that's not looking to promising now)
16. Crosby....last pick...great kicker
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Wow, Tre, you really got boned on the WRs. But in spite of all that you're 2 - 0. You're picking some good lineups and riding the strong QB/RBs.
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Hey all,

My girlfriend and I were involved in an accident this past weekend, and I will not be released from the hospital until Wednesday or Thursday. Please forgive me if I had any incorrect/bye week players in for games as I wasn't in any condition to be able to do fantasy football. I'll be back on my feet later this week, and will be able to continue as normal after. Sorry again and thanks for understanding.
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Fantasy football certainly takes a back seat to something like that so do not even worry about it. I hope everyone involved is doing ok, good luck to yas.

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