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Who else won with Gronk from behind!!

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billy beru wrote:Who else won with Gronk from behind!!

Who else? that porn star who wore his jersey probably won with gronk from behind. :twisted: :twisted:

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billy beru wrote:Who else won with Gronk from behind!!

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Yep! Down seven with Gronk against Welker and crushed him. Serves him right for calling me before the game to guarantee his win.

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I was up by 25..Gronk nearly beat me..i was nervous. It was a crucial divisional game.

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Started the night down 10. Gronk got it done in 1 league though I was tweaking as I was in tight games in 2 other leagues going against Hernandez in both. Pulled off wins in both of those too. All hail Gronkowski. Though my heart skipped a bit on that second TD catch where he landed on his neck/shoulder.

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I was down by 4.5 with Hernandez vs. Welker. The two "TDs-that-weren't" for Hernandez cost me the game, BUT Gronk's huge game wound up beating the guy who is trailing me in the division, preserving my two game lead. Gronk is ridiculous. DBs just bounce off that dude.

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