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10-team. Non PPR

Team A in signature.

Colston and Moore vs. Minn
Driver vs. KC
Brown vs. San Fran

Fantasy Sharks Lineup Coach says to go with Colston and Moore, but I'm not keen on playing two players from one team. So Colston or Moore? Then Driver or Brown?

Leave a link and I'll give you my humble opinion on yours.

Romo, Freeman
Arian, SJax, Sproles, LeShoure
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Stafford, Freeman
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Austin, Maclin, Wayne, Garcon, Rice
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I'd go with Colston for sure. The yards will be there for him and most likely a score too. I also like A.Brown, especially if Big Ben is playing. Even if he isnt, batch will have to throw the ball against SF run D. Brown runs the short, med routes that batch will connect on.

Colston and Brown. Good luck!

Can you help me out

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colston for sure. Brown is better in a PPR. It would be risky to start Moore since he hasn't played for a while, but I like his matchup. SF tends to give up more yardage to the#2WR, so I'd probably roll with Brown.


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PPR: QB, 2RB, 3WR, TE, 1Flex (RB/WR/TE), D, K

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