Starting Line Up Help!! Final Game

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Alright Sharks, here's what I got. Need some serious advice before I go nuts. I keep second guessing every decision.

Non PPR League
QB - Romo vs Philly
QB - Rivers vs Det
RB - Foster vs Ind (blew up last night)
RB - K. Bell vs GB (hoping he gets the start)
RB/WR Spiller vs Den
WR - H. Nicks vs Jets (Revis could kill me here)
WR - S. Moss vs Vikes
TE - R. Gronk vs MIA

Bench worth noting in this league is D. Thomas vs Buf and J. Gaffney vs Vikes. What do you think I should do? ??? Should I roll with 3 WRS and bench K. Bell???

PPR League
QB - Brady vs MIA
QB - Rex vs Vikes
RB- S. Greene vs Giants
RB/WR. F. Jones vs Phily (Killing me on this injury status. Not sure if he's going to play and he's a 4 o'clock game. wth)
WR. M. Wallace vs Rams (Big Ben could sit)
WR. CJ vs Chargers
TE Witten vs Philly

Bench worth noting. S. Jax vs PIT and D. Thomas vs Buf. What do you think here? Bench Wallace for Thomas....should I roll with three WRs due to Jones's status????

Please help. Send me yours. Thanks.
Leopard Shark
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Bump!!! Please advice...
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Romo, Bell, Spiller, Nicks

Brady, MJD, Greene, S-Jax, Wallace




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