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With the 74th pick in the 2012 NFL draft the Kansas City Chiefs select

Brandon Weeden QB Oklahoma State

If he would fall this far, it is a no-brainer pick for KC. He may not have more than, at an extreme best, an 8 or 9 year career, but he has the potential to be the second best QB in this draft. The Chiefs are losing confidence in Cassell, he will be starting be mid-season.
Hhhmm... Brady Quinn or Brandon Weeden?

Positions of need: QB, S, CB

Others considered: none with him on the board
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Seattle Seahawks select Chris Polk, RB, University of Washington.

The Seahawks are building their offense around Marshawn Lynch, and when he misses time, they need a player who can run with a similar physical style while also being a potential successor for leadback duties in a couple seasons or so. The Hawks run game suffered greatly when Lynch missed time in 2011, as neither Leon Washington or Justin Forsett could fill that role.

Positions of need: RB, LB

Other considerations: Really none at this pick with Polk still on the board and Kendricks and Osweiller having left the board earlier in the round.
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76th pick Houston Texans

Team Representative: Stankweasels 3000

Team Needs: OL, LB/DE, DB, WR 1st pick Ryan Tannehill, QB TX A&M, 2nd pick Zebrie Sanders, OT Florida State

The Selection: Chris Givens WR Wake Forest


Analysis: Houston has one of the best WR's in the game in Andre Johnson and a couple of nice TE's to serve as outlets for Matt Schaub or whoever their QB is during injuries. Unfortunately, Jacoby Jones never panned out and Kevin Walter is more of a WR 3. Givens is a fast WR who can take some pressure off of Andre Johnson. He's not a giant WR by any means at only 5' 11" but gets separation and YAC, something Houston could definitely use more of.

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With the 77th pick in the 2012 NFL draft the New York Jets select

Nick Toon, WR Wisconsin

Coming from a run first oriented offense where his blocking skills were on display, the Jets find a perfect fit for their offense. Plus, they get to keep the younger Toon in the Jets family. He's not a track guy, but his game speed is more than sufficient. He's a hard nosed player that fights for the ball and the Jets will waste no time getting him on the field.


Positions of need: S, LB, WR

Others considered: none really
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With the 78th pick, the San Diego Chargers take

LaMichael James, RB, Oregon


Writeup to follow after a few more beers.
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vonbearsalot wrote:
With the 79th pick of the 2012 NFL draft, the Chicago Bears pick Utah State LB Bobby Wagner


Wagner has a knack for being in the right place at the right time. He racked up a stunning 147 tackles this past year and 133 the year before, plus a couple of interceptions and four sacks. He’s undersized, but that’s okay in the Cover-2. Ideally he can add some weight to his frame and become Urlacher’s heir at MIKE, with some production on ST and key reserve in the meantime. Worst case scenario he becomes Briggs’ heir apparent at WILL. Either way he’s a young talented LB to add to the roster, a tackling machine with some big play potential, and will immediately be in the mix to start at SAM.

Players considered: I don’t know. I’m surprised he dropped. The Bears considered him in the 2nd, so they pounced at the opportunity in the 3rd.
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80th pick - AZ - Juron Criner, WR, Arizona

Positions of need - OT, WR, DE/OLB, QB

Players considered - Mitchell Scwartz, Andrew Datko, Bruce Irvin, Casey Heyward

Arizona's offense has not been the same since Warner and Boldin left. They are not going to fix the Warner hole this off season, but they can address the Boldin hole. Criner is never going to be a #1 WR in the league, but he would be a very good complimentary WR and across from Larry Fitzgerald that's exactly what he'll be. He'll share snaps with Andre Roberts and Early Doucet until he's ready, but I expect come year 2 that one of those other guys is moved down the depth chart, the other is out, and Criner steps into a starting role opposite the future hall of famer. They hope to address their pass rush need early on day 3 and without a round 2 pick have to accept a hole somewhere, so it looks like that will be at tackle.

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Bruce Irvin DE/OLB

Will put up analysis later
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With 82nd pick the Titans select James Brown OG, Troy

The Titans have some need on the interior line and Brown will add depth. He needs some seasoning but should able to contribute this season and possibly be a starter at guard for the Titans.

Also considered Marvin Jones & Joe Adams
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[selection/write-up by neal123454]

With the 83rd pick of the 2012 NFL Draft the Cincinnati Bengals select DT, Brandon Thompson - Clemson

Positions of need: G, DB, WR, with lesser needs at RB, DT, & MLB

Do the Bengals need an early round DT? That is one of the more polarizing questions among fans as the draft approaches. The Bengals brought in Okoye for a workout, so they obviously recognize that depth is needed. They have a current rotation of Atkins, Peko, Sims & Anderson; Marvin Lewis declared (or observed rather) that the defensive line has assumed a leadership role, so perhaps he commits further to this cause with Thompson.

Recently signed Newman gives them just enough breathing room to go BPA and gamble on a CB or WR in the next round.

Players considered: Jayron Hosley

[selection/write-up by neal123454]
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With the 84th pick in the 2012 NFL Draft the Atlanta Falcons select...

CB, Alfonzo Dennard, Nebraska

Positions of need: LT, DE, TE, CB, KR/PR

Analysis of pick: High fives all around the WAR ROOM for this pick. Once considered a 1st round pick but due to a bad end of season, Senior Bowl, & combine his stock has fallen. Dennard has a great jam which Atlanta sort of lacks with it's CB's so that would be a welcome addition and also has a high football IQ. The opponents in their division like to throw the football too so having a capable #3 CB is a must! Alfonzo could be a #2 right away on some teams.

Players considered: Brandon Washington, Mitchell Schwartz
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With the 85th pick in the NFL draft, the Lions select: Cam Johnson - DE Virginia

Positions of need: CB, OL, S, DL, LB

Detroit continues to stock the DL. KVB is getting nothing but older while Cliff Avril and Lawrence Jackson are currently only signed through 2012. 2010 7th rounder Willie Young has been productive thus far, but at this point is still a pass rush specialist. Like CB Robinson in the 2nd round, Johnson is a bit raw and needs to develop further when it comes to technique. He has the size, speed and power to develop into a 3 down DE at the next level though.

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3.23 Overall pick #86 - Pittsburgh Steelers: Mitchell Schwartz OT University of California

Height: 6-5 3/8
Weight: 318
Speed: 5.43
Arm: 33 1/2
Hand: 10
Wingspan: 81 1/2

After addressing the defense with the first two selections (ILB - D. Hightower & Safety H. Smith), the Steelers turn their attention to another pressing area of need - offensive line selecting 4 year starter at the University of California - Mitchell Swartz.

Large body with long arms, he projects as a right tackle or even possibly a guard in the Steelers offense. Improved his draft stock in the Senior Bowl by taking on the draft's top pass rushers and handling them well. Is a bit of a project but a value at this spot in the draft (projected end of Rd 2 McShay pick) and his future development into a starting right tackle should allow the Steelers to move 2011 second round pick Marcus Gilbert to left tackle.

Other players under consideration: None. You knowledgeable bastiches snatched up everyone I had my eye on that might fit with the Steelers. :lol:


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87th pick Denver Bronco Orange Crush

Team Representative: Badgasman9

Team Needs: OL C CB WR RB Kendall Wright, WR/KR, Baylor , G/OT, Kelechi Osemele - Iowa State

The Selection: Billy Winn, DE, Boise State


Analysis: Big boy with decent quickness. He a project but we like his power and versatility. Boise has produced some nfl talent we think this kid fit the mold of the 4-3 DE we are looking for. We know he not elite but we like his tools and think we can mold him into a force. Tough kid who plays the game mean and full of force.

Considerations: My eyes get crossed looing at the list. I got nothing.
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88th pick Phildelphia Eagles select Safety Brandon Taylor , LSU


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