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Proud member and third entry, following Deep Blue - 2005 and Deep Purple - 2006 as part of the finest and longest running dynasty franchise group in the Tank!

- Deep Blue Dynasty
- Deep Purple Dynasty
- Deep Black Dynasty
- Deep Emerald Dynasty
- Deep Crimson Dynasty
- Deep Platinum Dynasty

League Home Pages

2012 Season ESPN Host Site:
2012 MFL Draft site:

Deep Black Bank Account
Pay Dues and Make Donations Here

Prior Seasons League Threads
2010 Season - Off Season:
2009 Season -
2008 Season -
2007 Season -

How It All Started

Original Founding Deep Black Franchise Owners
MN_HockeyGuy (formerly known as Vikes_fan_4_life)
4th & 37
NikeJohn / Black Plague

League Basics
Dynasty League
Starting Lineups: 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1K, 1DST
Roster Limit: 18 off-season / 24 in-season
Waiver Wire Closes: After last regular season game
Keeper Deadline: Third Friday of August, 12:00 PM ET
Free Agent/Rookie Draft: Fourth Monday of August, 12:00 PM ET
Waiver Wire Opens: At the close of 2010 draft
Trade Deadline: By kickoff of first game in Week 12

Deep Black Dynasty League Champions
2007 - mudhen
2008 - bohern
2009 - Black Plague
2010 - ATL Souljah Boy
2011 - getdownmmmkay
2012 - LaSean4Heisman

2012 Owners Pending Check In:
1. jesteva - Confirmed for 2012 - League Fee Pd
2. DigitalDominators - Confirmed for 2012 - League Fee Pd
3. LaSean4Heisman - Confirmed for 2012 - League Fee Pd
4. 2012 New Owner - Loser 829 - League Fee Pd
5. MN_HockeyGuy - Confirmed for 2012 - League Fee Pd
6. ATL Souljah Boy - Confirmed for 2012 - League Fee Pd
7. 2012 New Owner - beep - League Fee Pd
8. mudhen - Confirmed for 2012 - League Fee Pd
9. Footballjunkie - Confirmed for 2012 - League Fee Pd
10. getdownmmmkay Confirmed for 2012 - League Fee Pd
11. nicdolas - Confirmed for 2012
12. Black Plague - Confirmed for 2012 - League Fee Pd

2012 Straight Draft Order
1. Football Junkie Enforcers 1-12
2. beep (was Endzoneview's Ghettoblasters 3-10)
3. Loser829 (was mfsot DisasterRelief 4-9)
4. Nicdolas Sunday Warriors 6-7 (1445.8 points scored against)
5. Digital Dominators 6-7 (1425.5 points scored against)
6. jesteva Corkedtops 6-7 (1413.4 points scored against)

7. BP's Dark Knights 6-7 (#6 seed in playoffs)
8. Mudhens Mudmagic 8-5 (#4 seed in playoffs)
9. The Ponder Promised Land - MN_HockeyGuy 10-3 (#3 seed in playoffs)
10. LaSeans Reign L4H 10-3 (#2 seed in playoffs)
11. Repped By Ari Gold - ATL (League Runner Up)
12. getdownmmmkay's No Look Pass (League Champ)

Trades involving Draft picks for 2012
Jesteva's Corkedtops trades 2011 pick 1.07 (Greg Little) to BP Dark Knights for Rd1 2012 Pick (is 1.07)
ATL Repped by Ari Gold trades pick 3.12 (Jake Locker) to BP Dark Knights for Rd4 2012 pick (is 4.07)
Jesteva's Corkedtops trades 2012 pick 1.06, 2012 pick 1.07 (obtained from BP), 2012 pick 2.06 plus Joe Flacco to Cereal Killers
Cereal Killers trades 2012 pick 1.03 and 2.03 to Jesteva's Corkedtops

Trades involving Draft picks for 2013
Jesteva's Corkedtops trade Cedric Benson and 2013 Rd 3 pick to Ponders Promised Land
Ponders Promised Land trades 2013 Round 2 pick to Jesteva's Corkedtops


Listed below are the detailed descriptions of the league rules and regulations as they currently exist. Please note that this document is a "living document" that will change during the life of this fantasy football league. We will have opportunities to add to or modify this document throughout each off-season. Remember, between now and the draft these rules and regulations may be subject to change.

The league will have a total of two officers. For the 2012 season they will be as follows:
jesteva (Steve) - Deep Black commissioner
Lasean4Heisman (Nate) - co-commissioner

If you have any comments, concerns or suggestions you wish to discuss regarding your specific league or the Deep Black League as a whole, please contact the commissioner or co-commissioner.

Over the off-season and even during the 2012 season there will be times where information will need to be distributed to all of the league members. Twelve individual PMs will rarely be a realistic method to achieve this. Accordingly, one of the following tools will be utilized.

League Site Message Board
Always check the league site message board for any new messages or updates. The commissioners will periodically clean up the older messages.

Sometimes before and often during the season, you will receive e-mails from the league site regarding draft info, trade notification (offers, rejections, accepted), processed waivers, weekly opponent's starting rosters, league announcements, and more. Please be sure to keep your current e-mail address listed on the league site in your franchise info records.

Occasionally there will be things that need voting on such as trades or rule changes. The polls will be set for a certain amount of time only (e.g. 2 days, 1 week, etc.). A 2/3 majority rule will be in effect for all league centric proposals or polls. The commissioners will periodically clean up the older or unused polls.

Community Leagues Forum
Found on Use our thread in the Dynasty Forum for any type of general conversations or such that you might want to set up.

Other Tools
Resources such as League Chat, League Articles or the Bulletin board are yours to use. You can find these under the Communications tab on the league page.

All returning owners will be required to "check in" after June 15th and prior to July 15th of each year. Checking in consists of simply contacting any league official via PM, email, or by posting your intentions in our league site on Fantasy Sharks. This will let us know that you are still around and plan to participate in the upcoming season. It will be assumed that any owner that does not check in, or fails to meet any of the established deadlines, has abandoned his/her team and will therefore be replaced.

The cost per franchise to join the league is three thousand (3,000) sand dollars. These fees will be due exactly one week prior to the Keeper declaration date. If you are unable to raise the entrance fee by that day you will forfeit your spot in the league and another Shark will be invited to join. Hopefully everyone will have their fees taken care of well before then.

When you are ready, you can donate your fee to our league's bank account (username: DeepBlackBank). These funds will go toward the payout prizes at season's end (delineated later in this document). We will maintain accounting records to keep track of who has paid their fee or donated and how much. Records are available to all members on the league site. Be sure to include a note when you pay your fee or make a donation or we will be unable to know who it came from.

Over the off-season it will be your responsibility to ensure that your franchise records are set up correctly and accurately. The following must be included.

Franchise Name
This should be your FantasySharks username that you use in the Tank.

Owner Name
This can be your real name or your FantasySharks username that you use in the tank.

E-mail Address
Please include a working, valid address as trade offers, waiver reports, weekly results and other league information will automatically be sent to you during the year.

The league scoring rules are generally considered to be Points Per Reception based. Please see the League Scoring Rules report on the league site for the detailed explanation of the scoring rules.
The league software will be considered the FINAL authority on all NFL scoring stats and plays. FINAL scores are released the morning after the last game of the week.
Scoring rules may not be changed once the season has started.

The draft will begin each year on the fourth Monday in August at 12:00 PM ET. Beginning in 2011 and for all future years, the draft order will be in the reverse order of the prior year's final regular season standings, including playoff seeding and Championship game results, but not the "Toilet Bowl" results. The league champion will receive the 12th pick and the runner up the 11th pick.

The draft will be a "straight" draft (NFL style), consisting of 6 rounds. The first tie-breaker for teams with the same regular season win-loss record will be total points scored through week 12, second tie breaker if needed will be total points scored against, third tie breaker will be a coin flip.

Each owner will have a maximum of 8 hours to make each draft pick. The draft timer will be suspended each evening between Midnight ET and 9am ET. Each owner is expected to make a judicial use of pre-drafting and communication to ensure a timely and conscientious draft experience for all involved. If the timer expires the system will automatically pick the highest-ranked available player for the owner, first based on the owner's "My Draft List" player ranking, and then once that list is exhausted, according to rankings used by the site. If an owner allows the timer to expire once, the owner will be placed on "auto-draft" until they show they are again available to draft. If an owner allows the timer to expire a second time, the owner will be placed on "auto-draft" for the rest of the draft. While on "auto-draft", owners will still be able to make their own picks through the pre-draft or "My Draft List" functions.

Trading during the draft is allowed as long as all roster limits are adhered to and all keeper rules are followed. Draft picks (current or the following year's) may be traded at the owners discretion. The standard number of draft selections allowed per franchise will be 6 (exceptions to this standard are explained in the Keepers section).

A league franchise may carry a maximum of 24 players on their roster at any one time.
However, there are limits to the number of players at any specific position. This is done to prevent the hoarding of certain positions ... most notably RB and QB. This gives every team the opportunity to remain competitive because Team X is not hoarding 12 RBs!
The position limits are as follows. You can never exceed these limits (except as delineated in the Injured Reserve section below). These limits include the offseason and during the draft as well.

4 QB
6 RB
8 WR
3 TE
3 PK

This is a total of 27 possible positions although you have a maximum limit of only 24 overall players as stated above. So you will have to keep below the maximum at 3 positions during the season.

A franchise may carry less than the maximum number of players without penalty.

Each franchise has the option to keep up to eighteen (18) players from their prior year's roster (which includes any post-season trades made) and carry them over to their next season's starting roster. These keepers can be made up of any eighteen players on your roster regardless of position as long as position limits are adhered to.

By 12:00 PM ET on the third Friday of August and prior to the start of the current year's Rookie/Free Agent draft, each franchise must either have their team reduced to their 18 keepers, or select their keepers on the ESPN league host site (keepers selected this way will be revealed after the keeper deadline has elapsed). No players will be allowed on the injured reserve from this point until after the draft (in keeping with the league rules regarding injured reserve spots). Owners who fail to reduce their team, select their keepers, or remove players from IR by the deadline will forfeit their team and be replaced.

A franchise's eighteen keepers can not be dropped from their teams until after the draft during the first-come-first-served pre-season waiver period except in the following specific instance(s):
1) a player to be drafted will put the team's roster over the positional roster limit,
2) in order for a team to stay within the positional roster limits prior to accepting and executing an in-draft trade

Example 1 - In Draft Pick Selection:
Owner A keeps 5 running backs and drafts Ryan Matthews RB at 1.01, RB roster is now 6.
At pick 2.01, Jahvid Best is still undrafted. Owner A drop Mike Bell RB - who had been designated as one of their 18 keepers and select Jahvid Best at spot 2.01. At all times, Owner A has stayed at or below the 6 RB roster limit maximum (Discussion of what happens to Mike Bell and the vacant roster spot that Owner A now has rostered to follow below)

Example 2 - In Draft Trade:

Owner A keeps 5 running backs and drafts Ryan Matthews RB at 1.01, RB roster is now 6.
Owner A trades pick 2.02 to Owner B for Felix Jones who Owner B had designated as a keeper. As a part of accepting the trade offer at the time it is submitted to the Commissioner for approval, Owner B indicates that they will drop Mike Bell RB - who had been designated as one of Owner A's 18 keepers, reducing their RB roster to 5 PRIOR to and as a condition of accepting the trade. At all times, Owner A has stayed at or below the 6 RB roster limit maximum. It should be noted that this process is basically identical to that on the ESPN league site where an owner must indicate a player to be dropped at the time an imbalanced trade is either proposed or, accepted which is prior to it being processed.

Any player previously designated as a keeper dropped for any reason specifically permitted under the league Rules during a draft can not be drafted during the draft but rather, goes into the pool of undrafted players eligible for a waiver claim once waivers open. This treatment gives everyone an opportunity at the player and eliminates any advantage one owner could give another by dropping a player previously designated as a keeper.

Prior to the start of a draft, should a team, due to trading or by choice, does not have enough draft picks to field a team of 24 total players, they will receive additional picks at the end of the draft. For example, if an owner decides that they only want to keep 16 players - then they will receive 2 additional picks at the end of the draft in "rounds" 7 and 8. For another example, if a team due to a trade has only 5 draft picks and protected the full 18 keepers, they would receive 1 additional pick at the end of the draft in "round" 7. Regardless of the situation, after the draft all rosters will again be at 24 total players. Additional picks will always be in the same original draft order as the main draft.
No additional draft picks will be awarded to any team whose roster limit is reduced as a result of any trades (whether involving picks, players drafted or previously designated keeper players) made once the draft commences.

A player can be retained as a keeper on any fantasy team for as long as desired, (hence the term "dynasty league"), provided roster and keeper limits are adhered to.

Each team will have two (2) injured reserve positions available to them. These positions may be filled by any player that has been designated as being on Injured Reserve by their NFL team and the host site for the league's regular season and playoff games which will be ESPN for the 2012 season.

The IR players are available for reactivation at any point during the season. Roster and position limits must still be met upon reactivation. Players on IR do not count toward the positional requirements, until they are reactivated.

Players are not eligible for IR during the time period from the keeper declaration deadline through the league draft. After the draft players may once again be placed on IR if they have been designated as being on Injured Reserve by their NFL team and the MyFantasyLeague system.

Franchise owners are responsible for submitting their weekly starting line-ups prior to kickoff of their individual player's NFL games each week. Players are locked in / out of the starting line-ups at kickoff of their games. Partial line-ups may be submitted early, however it is highly recommend that complete line-ups be submitted first and then altered later if needed.

The website host determines the exact time of each kickoff and will not allow changes to players in those games after that point. Therefore it is in your best interest to not wait until the last second to submit your line-up as once the window is closed, no exceptions will be made.

If no lineup is reported, the previous week’s lineup for that franchise is carried over to the current week . If in the unlikely occurrence that a line-up is not submitted for Week # 1, a complete starting line-up based on the order in which the franchise’s players were originally drafted will be used.

Starting line-ups will consist of the following:

1 Quarterback
2 Running backs
3 Wide Receivers
1 Tight End
1 Place Kicker
1 DEF Team

Trades may be made between two owners on a nearly unrestricted basis. The trade does not necessarily have to exchange an equal number of players from each team. For example: Owner A may trade a QB and two defensive teams to owner B for a place kicker and a wide receiver. However, at no time may a team carry more than 24 active players or exceed the positional roster limit requirement. Trade offers, which when offered and if accepted as offered, would result in the offering team exceeding the positional roster limit requirement must include the specific player(s) to be DROPPED from the offering teams roster as a condition of the trade offer. Trade offers, which , when accepted as offered, would result in the accepting team exceeding the positional roster limit requirement must designate the specific player(s) to be DROPPED from the accepting teams acceptance as a condition of the trade transaction.

Trades may include current players on your roster and/or picks from the current year and following year draft. Year 2013 draft picks will be available for trading at the start of the 2012 Deep Black drafts.
Trades will be allowed up to kick-off time of the first game of week 12. At the conclusion of the NFL's regular season, trading will be reinstated to allow for off-season trading to occur.
Trades must be approved by any one of the two commissioners not involved in the trade. Commissioners considering a trade must be unanimous in their decision.
Trades deemed harmful to the overall integrity of the league will be rejected by the commissioners. Unethical practices are delineated in their own section in this document.
Commissioners will have a maximum of 48 hours during the season to consider a trade or else it is immediately processed. If a trade is agreed upon within 24 hours of a line-up deadline, league commissioners do have the power to push it through individually assuming ...

1) They are not a participant of the trade
2) They feel there is no question to the validity of the trade
3) They have unsuccessfully tried to contact the other commissioners.

While the commissioners will be making every effort to login regularly and check for any outstanding trades to approve throughout the week, there is no guarantee that trades accepted within the last 24 hours of a line-up deadline will be approved prior to kick-off of that week's games.

No trades submitted for commissioner review after kickoff of the first game of the week will be approved until after the kickoff of the last game of the week.

Franchise owners are permitted an unlimited number of waiver moves throughout the course of the season. Each owner will also be allowed an unlimited number of waiver moves per week.

Waiver transactions do not necessarily have to exchange one player at a certain position for another at that same position.

The waiver schedule is as follows:

Between the end of the draft and the kickoff of the first game of the season, waivers are handled on a first come-first served basis.

During the NFL season, franchises can submit up to three rounds of waiver requests from the kickoff of the first game of the week until 11:30 PM EST Wednesday. Submitted waiver requests will automatically be processed in reverse order of the standings at that time (midnight).

Players dropped during the waiver process are "locked" and will not be available for pick up until the following weeks waiver window.

NOTE: Players dropped after the draft, but prior to kickoff of the first game of the season will not be "locked" and may be immediately claimed by another team.

Once the waiver requests have been processed for the week and continuing until kickoff of the first game of the following week, all players not currently in a "locked" status are available to be picked up on a first come-first served (FCFS) basis.

Players dropped during the FCFS waiver process are "locked" and will not be available for pick up until the following weeks waiver window.

Waivers will be available until kick-off of week 17 for all franchises.

Waivers and Free Agents will be locked and unavailable throughout the NFL post-season and off-season.

All times are based on the ESPN league host system clock.

The regular season includes weeks 1 through 13. Each franchise will play the other teams in their division two (2) times each. The remaining 7 games will be played against teams from each of the other divisions in the league (chosen randomly).

Deep Black Playoffs
The three (3) Division champions, along with three (3) Wild card teams will enter the league's playoffs. Weeks 14 and 15 will determine the Deep Black League Champion.

The top 2 seeded teams will enjoy a playoff bye week in week 14. The remaining 4 teams will play each other based on seeding (the #3 seed will play the #6 seed; the #4 seed will play the #5 seed). In week 15 the #1 seed will play the lowest seeded remaining team; the #2 seed will play the other remaining playoff team. In week 16 the remaining two teams will play for the league championship.

Toilet Bowl Brackets
The 6 teams that do not make the Deep Black Playoffs will enter into a separate playoff bracket. Teams will be seeded based on overall points. No consideration will be given to individual divisions.

The Toilet Bowl playoffs will begin in Week 14.

The Deepest Dynasty Bowl
Week 17 will be the Deepest Dynasty Bowl exhibition game against the other Deep Dynasty league champions. In this game the combined rosters of the Deep Black Champion and Toilet Bowl Champion will compete against the other Deep Dynasty league's combined champions royal rumble style. Sand dollar prizes will be accumulated on a donation basis.

During the regular season, ties are counted as ties.

However, for the purposes of determining the standings and ultimately the Division Champions and Wildcard teams that will progress to the playoffs, the following will be used. In order they are:

1) Overall Winning Percentage
2) Head-to-Head Record
3) Divisional Winning Percentage
4) Total Points

In the case of a tie in a playoff game the following will be used to determine the winner. In order they are:

1) Highest scoring active player of each team.
2) Second highest scoring active player of each team (and so on)
3) League vote

All payout prizes will come from the dues paid by Deep Black owners and any donations made to the Deep Black Bank. As such, the payouts will likely be different from season to season. Thus the payout structure will be percentage based to accommodate the changing sand dollar amounts. Listed below is the payout structure:

League Champion = 40%
Division Winners (3) = 30% (10% each)
Wild Card Winners (3) = 15% (5% each)
Highest Scoring Team (regular season) = 15%

All payouts will paid by the Deep Black Bank following the week 16 League Championship game.

Proposals for rule changes may only be made during the off-season. The deadline for submitting new proposals is 2 months prior to that years draft. Any proposals submitted after that point or during the season will be tabled until the next off-season begins.

The procedure for requesting a rule change will be to present your proposal to the league as whole in the league thread. League members will then have opportunity to discuss the proposal and decide whether or not to submit the proposal for a league-wide vote. All league-wide votes will take place officially as a poll on the league site.

For all rule change proposals, a 2/3 majority vote is required to change the current rules. Some rules that are standard across all the Deep Dynasty Leagues may not be able to be changed.

They’re going to happen. They always do.

If you have a dispute, please begin by contacting one of your commissioners. If they are unable to resolve the issue themselves, they will bring it to the other two commissioners to discuss. If the three of us are unable to come to an agreement on the matter it will only then go to a league wide vote (all 12 teams) for a period of 2 days. Majority rules at that point.

NOTE: Disputes do not include issues or questions involving Trades. They are handled differently and are discussed in the Trades section of this document.

Each owner in the Deep Black Dynasty League must be a member in good standing in the Fantasy Sharks fantasy football forum. If at any time an owner permanently ceases to be a member in good standing their team will be considered forfeit and will be awarded to a new owner as delineated in the "Replacement Owners" section.

If, during the course of the regular season, a team does not change their roster, access the league’s homepage or otherwise show any interest in their franchise or the league for a period of two weeks (14 days), the commissioner of the league will make a concerted effort to contact the franchise owner. If no response and/or improved effort is received over the next 7 days, the franchise in question will be considered a “Dead Team”.

Once considered “Dead”, the owner of that franchise will be locked out of the league indefinitely. The team’s roster and starting line-up will also be locked until such time as suitable replacement owner can be found.

The original owner will also forfeit all sand$ and / or actual dollars that were submitted as part of the league fee.

If an owner leaves the league, is dismissed from the league, or abandons their team, the commissioner solicit for a replacement owner(s) and will present the interested candidates to the remaining league ownership group. The remaining members of the league will then vote by PM or email on which Shark(s) they would like to join the league. The candidate(s) receiving the highest number of votes cast will be awarded the available franchise(s).

Any potential candidates should be an active Sharks for at least one year in good standing in the Tank, and must personally make it known to the commissioners that they wish to participate in the league if a spot is available. They must also be willing to accept the available team "as is" including roster, future trades, draft position, etc.

Owners can freely recruit and assign secondary owners to their team as they see fit, to help in most any capacity they desire. The primary owner however, remains the one and only owner in the League's eyes. If the primary owner leaves the league, turns control over to the secondary owner, or fails in any way to remain involved in the team's activities, the team will be given to a new owner based on the current waiting list rules. The secondary owner, unless they are at the top of the waiting list, will be given no preferential treatment in regards to new ownership.

WARNING: Participating in any of the following practices may result in your dismissal from the Deep Crimson Dynasty League. If your actions are deemed unethical and detrimental to the league by a majority of the commissioners, a vote will then be taken by your fellow owners regarding your continued participation in the Deep Crimson Dynasty League. Owners will have a period of 2 days to cast their vote by PM or email. At the end of that period majority rules.

If found "guilty", that franchise will be locked out of the league indefinitely. The team’s roster and starting line-up will also be locked until such time as suitable replacement owner can be found. The owner will also forfeit all sand and/or actual dollars that were submitted as part of the league fee.

Unethical practices as defined above, include the following:

Agreement between two or more competitors that restrains competition and intends to deceive or otherwise defraud the league through unethical methods.

Picking up and then immediately dropping players with no evident purpose other than "locking" them and thus preventing other owners from acquiring them during that free agency period.

Willful destruction of one's own team
Includes dumping quality players via waivers or trades with no explainable rationale or gain; purposely starting hurt, benched, or bye week players while sitting other viable options; etc.

Any other activities deemed unethical and detrimental to the integrity of the league as a whole.

Updated and additional information will be added fairly regularly in the off-season so check this document often.

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2012 Draft Results

1.01. Footballjunkie's Enforcers - Luck, Andrew IND QB
1.02 2. Bluesy Chickens - Martin, Doug TBB RB
1.03 3. Allegheny Archtops - Richardson, Trent CLE RB
1.04 4. nicdolas' Sunday Warriors - Griffin III, Robert WAS QB
1.05 5. Digital Dominators - Blackmon, Justin JAX WR
1.06 6. Cereal Killers - Wilson, David NYG RB
1.07 7. Cereal Killers - Floyd, Michael AZ WR
1.08 8. Mudhen's Mudmagic - Hillman, Ronnie DEN RB
1.09 9. Ponders Promised Land - Pead, Isahah STL RB
1.10 10. LaSean's Reign of Terror - Williams, Ryan AZ RB
1.11 11. Atl Souljah Boy - Willson, Russell SEA QB
1.12 12. getdownmmmkay's No Look Pass - Quick, Brian STL WR

2.01 13. Footballjunkie's Enforcers - Redman, Isaac PIT RB
2.02 14. Bluesy Chickens - Jeffery, Alshon CHI WR
2.03 15. Allegheny Archtops - Wright, Kendall TEN WR
2.04 16. nicdolas' Sunday Warriors - Fleener, Coby IND TE
2.05 17. Digital Dominators - Weeden, Brandon CLE QB
2.06 18. Cereal Killers - Tannehill, Ryan MIA QB
2.07 19. Black Plague's Dark Knights - Turbin, Robert SEA RB
2.08 20. Mudhen's Mudmagic - Randle, Reuben NYG WR
2.09 21. Ponders Promised Land - Amendola, Danny STL WR
2.10 22. LaSean's Reign of Terror - Smith, Steve STL WR
2.11 23. Atl Souljah Boy - James, LaMichael SFO RB
2.12 24. getdownmmmkay's No Look Pass - Vereen, Shane NEP RB

3.01 25. Footballjunkie's Enforcers - Sanu, Mohamed CIN WR
3.02 26. Bluesy Chickens - Lions, Detroit DET Def
3.03 27. Cereal Killers - Miller, Lamar MIA RB
3.04 28. nicdolas' Sunday Warriors - Gordon, Josh CLE WR
3.05 29. Digital Dominators - Royster, Evan WAS RB
3.06 30. Allegheny Archtops - Martin, Keshawn HOU WR
3.07 31. Black Plague's Dark Knights - Keller, Dustin NYJ TE
3.08 32. Mudhen's Mudmagic - Osweiler, Brock DEN QB
3.09 33. Ponders Promised Land - Bennett, Martellus NYG TE
3.10 34. LaSean's Reign of Terror - Cowboys, Dallas DAL Def
3.11 35. Atl Souljah Boy - Lindley, Ryan ARI QB
3.12 36. getdownmmmkay's No Look Pass - Broyles, Ryan DET WR

4.01 37. Footballjunkie's Enforcers - Broncos, Denver DEN Def
4.02 38. Bluesy Chickens - Bengals, Cincinnati CIN Def

4.03 39. Cereal Killers -
4.04 40. nicdolas' Sunday Warriors -
4.05 41. Digital Dominators -
4.06 42. Allegheny Archtops -
4.07 43. Atl Souljah Boy -
4.08 44. Mudhen's Mudmagic -
4.09 45. Ponders Promised Land -
4.10 46. LaSean's Reign of Terror -
4.11 47. Atl Souljah Boy -
4.12 48. getdownmmmkay's No Look Pass -

5.01 49. Footballjunkie's Enforcers -
5.02 50. Bluesy Chickens -
5.03 51. Cereal Killers -
5.04 52. nicdolas' Sunday Warriors -
5.05 53. Digital Dominators -
5.06 54. Allegheny Archtops -
5.07 55. Black Plague's Dark Knights -
5.08 56. Mudhen's Mudmagic -
5.09 57. Ponders Promised Land -
5.10 58. LaSean's Reign of Terror -
5.11 59. Atl Souljah Boy -
5.12 60. getdownmmmkay's No Look Pass -

6.01 61. Footballjunkie's Enforcers -
6.02 62. Bluesy Chickens -
6.03 63. Cereal Killers -
6.04 64. nicdolas' Sunday Warriors -
6.05 65. Digital Dominators -
6.06 66. Allegheny Archtops -
6.07 67. Black Plague's Dark Knights -
6.08 68. Mudhen's Mudmagic -
6.09 69. Ponders Promised Land -
6.10 70. LaSean's Reign of Terror -
6.11 71. Atl Souljah Boy -
6.12 72. getdownmmmkay's No Look Pass -

7.01 73. Cereal Killers -
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I'm here. And ready to turn that playoff loss into a championship. :thumbright:

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Been here from the start...not going anywhere :Drink)

Can we send our dues for 2012 now? 8)

NJ Design
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2012 League Fees can be paid anytime!

3,000 Paid - jesteva
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I'm back I just need to start PWing again to get some more sand :lol:

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The NFL draft is in the books.

I'll reach out to the rest of the owners who haven't checked in yet via PM over the next few days and determine if we need to add more than one new owner.

The 2012 ESPN site is up and running.

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back for '12!

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"The name on the front of the jersey is a hell of a lot more important than the one on the back"
-Herb Brooks
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I'll be back.

Dues paid!

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In. Fees paid. INFINITY KNIVES!!!
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Thanks for checking in and the sand fees guys.
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I hate to beg but I may need help with the sand fee this season I havent had much time to post this year :( , Thanks


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