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start QB, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, DEF, K

this was my original team...

QB: Brady, Delhomme
WR: TO, D. Bennett, Moulds, Houshmandzadeh, Keyshawn Johnson
RB: LT, Portis, R. Brown
TE: Crumpler, Kleinsasser
K: Dawson, L. Tynes
DEF: Atlanta

after a few WW pickups it looks like this:

QB: Brady, Delhomme, Carr
WR: TO, D. Bennett, Moulds, Keyshawn Johnson
RB: LT, Portis, R. Brown, R. Williams, R. Droughns
TE: Crumpler
K: J. Brown
DEF: Atlanta

i know my WR core is a little weak, but i think i might have the deepest RB set up in my league. i know Brown and Williams might split time, but if either is a bonafide starter, they could both be top 10 backs. Housh is still on the WW, so i could pick him back up, but im not sure how to drop a guy for the best result. maybe i could use more depth at TE? suggestions?

some on the WW:
R. Caldwell
Houston D
Arizona D
Seattle D

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i like Housh more than Caldwell although both are nice alternatives for your third WR. I think Housh is going to be a top 20 WR this season making him a great bye week filler and solid 3rd WR. I don't think Carr is an upgrade over Delhomme and Brady, they are both much better, Carr is, at best, a spot starter. Crumpler is great at TE, don't worry about him until his bye week. I would dump Carr again and try to repick up Housh if you can. Don't bother getting him on Waiver. If somebody wants him they probably have a higher waiver priority than you at this point anyway. Wait for him to hit FA and pick him back up.

QB: Foles, Flacco
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WR: A. Brown, Maclin, S. Smith Sr, Garcon, M. Jones
TE: V. Davis, Wright
K: Hauschka
Play 3WR, 2RB, 1Flex
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Spensire's pretty much right on this one. I would definitely pick back up Housh for right now. I think you can go ahead and drop Carr.

As for Caldwell, I think he could have a big year, but you shouldn't have a problem waiting a little longer to see how his hamstring holds up before trying to grab him.

Overall, your team is decent right now, aside from trading I dont' see much room for improvement.

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Get housh back he gonna have a big season

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