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Sand$: 145,134.03

110 to win 100
220 to win 200
330 to win 300

300 sand per shark maximum per game. If there is light action in a given week you can PM me about a larger bet, and you can always offer a large bet to offset other bets (so if three people have bet 300 on a team, feel free to bet 900 or 1200 on the other team).

Please post your bet in this thread, and send a PM with your sand stating what your bet is prior to the game. If I do not receive a PM with your sand, your bet is null and void.

I'm happy to take bets on any game against the point spread or the over under.


In order to get the payout, you need to win each game you pick.

3 teams 4-1
4 teams 8-1
5 teams 15-1

Please bet either 10 sand or the the maximum 100 sand per shark per parlay. Questions about the odds?

Bet 100 sand, pick three games correctly, and you win 400 sand.
Bet 100 sand, pick four games correctly, and you win 800 sand.
Bet 100 sand, pick five games correctly, and you win 1500 sand.

You can pick multiple over/unders or picks against the spread to make any parlay in any order/amount you'd like.

Again, please post your picks in this thread with the current point spreads and over/under information, and send a PM along with your sand stating your parlay picks prior to the first game.
• In your post, please specify if you're making a parlay bet, standard bets, or both.
• In your post, please include the point spreads and over/under you're betting on.
• I reserve the right to change point spreads as the week goes on, but whatever point spread or over/under you bet on will be locked in. I won't change the terms of your bet once you make it.
• If I do not receive a PM with your sand, your bet is null and void. So please write something, ANYTHING, when you send your sand. Ideally, copy & paste your bets.
• Please do not edit your post, particularly after game time. If you made a mistake, quote your original post and create a new post clarifying your error, and send me a PM.

Date & Time Favorite Line Underdog Total

1/24 3:00 ET New England -3 At Denver 44.5
1/24 6:40 ET At Carolina -3 Arizona 48