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zuggyawesome wrote:
mstrbass2000 wrote:im calling it now j winston is my guy next yr,will put up 4500 yds and 38-40 tds imo

Why would I choose Jameis (who lost both D-jax and Adam Humphries) and still wasn't an elite QB last year...

Over Derek Carr who just got Antonio Brown and Tyrell Williams?
Over Baker Mayfield who is entering year 2 and just added OBJ?
Over Kirk Cousins who has Diggs/Thielen/Rudolph and is getting back a dominant line that was injured last year?

Wait. Are you saying Minnesota had a dominant offensive line recently?
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rugger48 wrote:I’m not saying your wrong here as far as taking Winston over mayfield or cousins. but Winston still has a pretty good reveiving core , Humphrey’s is one they will miss a little bit, but he not the catslyst to that offense. I definitly put Winstons crew over Carr’s.

I mean I definitly wouldnt downgrade or not take Winston because of his receivers. I would probably do it because I don’t think he is that good.

Yeap, I'm not downgrading him because his receiving core is bad. I'm saying he's not likely to be the guy because he couldn't succeed last year with an even better receiver core.

The idea that he will see a big jump in production this year I feel is entirely driven by the Bruce Arians narrative which is a trap I'm not going to fall for again (LaFleur). Personnel is the most important facet of a team's success, and anyway you slice it his personnel was downgraded this year (although OJ, Evans, Godwin is still a very very good receiving core).

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page 3 now,can we make it to page 4

winston is gonna shock the world and end up top 5 imo