2019 Bold Predictions

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jnadke wrote:
zuggyawesome wrote:I don't think Rosen entering the top 15 would be a stretch. It all depends on how much the Cardinals improve the surrounding talent this offseason. All of this Kyler Murray at number 1 is a load of bull.

Behind that OLine it is a stretch (although maybe not bold, Top 10 is more bold).

And they just lost their best Guard in Free Agency.

OLine makes the QB, not the receivers (within reason, see: Prescott, Dak).

Receivers make the QB, not OLine (see: Prescott, Dak before and after Cooper, Amari) ;)

In all honesty, both the O-line and Receivers help out the QB. An Elite line is worth 2 star WR's.. but you have to remember that the line is composed of 5 players. Elite Receivers are, in my opinion far more valuable to passing efficiency.

Regarding Rosen... I don't think people remember how much he was let down by his supporting cast.

While his debut performance was pretty meh from a production stand point (180 yards, 1TD) his receivers dropped 200 yards and 3 TDs.

https://ftw.usatoday.com/2018/10/nfl-ca ... am-darnold

He showed plenty of potential to take the next step without the worst supporting cast in the NFL (although, there's a good chance that he has one of the worst supporting casts again this year..)

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endzoneview wrote:Steelers go 12-4 and win the AFC North

Flacco and the Broncos make the playoffs, the Ravens don’t


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@Jcb, re: Antonio Brown...

Yeah, outside the top 20 is pretty bold, I'll agree. Last season, the #20 ranked PPR WR was Julian Edelman with 74 receptions, 850 rec yards, 6 TD's.

He'd have to finish with *approximately* 70 receptions/800 yards/6 TD's to finish outside the top 20. Those numbers should be easily attainable for Brown. I just don't think he'll remain the same bona fide top 3 fantasy WR he's been over the last six, seven years. I could be wrong, but I don't see him having the same success with Carr as he did in Pittsburgh with Roethlisberger.

Roethlisberger isn't the greatest QB, but he had a phenomenal rapport with Brown and peppered him with targets year in and year out (Brown finished in the top 5 in targets among WR's every year from 2013-2018). The Steelers offense also benefited from having an all-world RB (Le'Veon Bell), which forced defenses to have to respect the run game. I couldn't even tell ya who the starting RB is in Oakland right now. Jalen Richard? Derek Carr? Marshawn Lynch? Gross.

Derek Carr is a wildcard, we still don't know just how good (or bad) he can be. He has an elite weapon now so it's possible Brown helps Carr in his development. Brown will be 31 years old when the season starts. Will we start to see age catch up to him? I don't think so, I think he still has a few years of playing at a high level, but it's something to think about.

He'll be drafted as a Top 10 WR, maybe even top 5 WR, somewhere around the middle to end of the 2nd round/early 3rd round, but the odds of him finishing as a top 5 WR are slim in my eyes.

I can see a final stat line of around 80 rec/1,100 yards/8 TD's. Call it approximately 250 PPR fantasy points, and that would have ranked him as WR14 last season. I'm sure it sounds like I'm being hyper-critical, but those are my thoughts on Antonio Brown heading into 2019.

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lamar jackson finishes top 3 at qb
a.b finishes top 3 again with 100 rec,1350 yds and 11 tds
derrick henry lead the league in rushing and tds
todd gurley isn't the leading rusher on his own team
cleveland browns sweep their division and win the afc title
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Browns odds to win the division are now 7/5
Steelers are 2/1, Ravens 3/1

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The Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots suffer a rare franchise post Super Bowl letdown. After a bumpy, back and forth season, they manage to rub and tug their way to an 8-8 finish. Still good enough to win the AFC East, a shot to go deep into the NFL playoffs, climaxing with a SB appearance. Happy ending indeed.

CLE sweeps the AFC North after a hard fought, late season OT win over the 2nd place Bengals.

DET wins the NFC North, GB flames out and ends up last.

LV backs out of the Oakland deal, siting, amongst other things, lead content in silver/black face paint, fan pagentry posing security risks, and "there are simply not enough hair stylists in the city to fix that". Team finances are believed to be to blame.

Goodell is found, babbling incoherently, in the back of a van giving handys to a display of bills mafia dildos said to be wearing what appear to be clown noses. The dildos, not Goodell.

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For the first time as the starting QB for the entire season, Tom Brady and the Patriots miss the playoffs, with Brady AND Gronk both retiring.

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