2019 QB Class discussion

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Cadence calls wrote:I like Grier as a low risk dart. Plenty of space after the 3rd rd in idp Dynos this year bet on him.
Might even creep into a top 40 pick in supers.

Went at exactly 40 in a competitive SF I am in with QB hoarders. Not sure he will get much higher but he is definitely around there.

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Yeah, thats just weirdly disconcerting.

Is this some sort of Eli ploy to pad his stats so that he chips away at Bradys #'s enough that by 2220 hes close?

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zuggyawesome wrote:
jamcutpost wrote:
PigskinPete22 wrote:Some interesting notes here: First, Drew Lock is an actual NFL prospect whereas Allen never was, never will be. Locks issues are very fixable at the NFL coaching level. His knowledge of the game and ability to see the field is far greater then Allens.

You know what? I was happy to ignore the Allen thing.

I mean its not like im his biggest fan (Do a tank search), so i dont really care.

But as a sidenote? Hard to believe multiple franchises and college organizers thought he was "never an NFL prospect": Why all the NFL ppl @the combine (Heck why even invite him?), went to his proday, interviewed him, flew him in for private workouts etc. Lets just waste 100s of ppls time and 10s of 100s of $$s pretending he is.

That doesnt make any sense.

So that was kind of like "Meh, but ok"

But you lost me - completely & utterly - with the highlighted part.

Being able to see the field better than someone you say "never was, never will be" an NFL QB isnt setting any sort of Bar. The richest man in the poor house is still extremely poor.

I wish Lock, his team, any FF owners luck. There are many reasons he might succeed, but if youve actually watched him, you should have seen his "ability to see the field" isnt even a strength of his (whether compared to Allen or not).

Its a glaring weakness.

His upside is Jay Cutler. Needs a scheme and a HC willing to take the bad with the good.

I'm not sure where the Drew Lock hate come from.

Yes, he's the prototypical big armed, tall, athletic QB who typically gets over drafted-- but that's not the case for him, he deserved to go in the 2nd round.

He is in my opinion a much better prospect than Josh Allen for several reasons:

Although there are plenty of weaknesses to his game, he improved every year without a strong group of receivers, playing against top flight SEC competition. He's also posted relatively productive seasons while at Missouri. Allen by contrast plateaued from year 2 to 3, played against lackluster competition (MWC) and very meh production.

I can not stress enough the difference in competition between the MWC and the SEC.

Allen was highly overdrafted given his production profile because of his elite armstrength, athleticism, prototypical build. There will always be GM's that think that guy is going to be great (John Elway in particular); but in my opinion these GMs are focusing on the wrong details.

Drew Lock was drafted by Elway because he's tall, has a strong arm, and is the prototypical build. I'm convinced he doesn't understand the NFL game has changed and these are no longer the defining features of a successful NFL QB. But he lucked out with Lock because this archaic NFL prototype has actually been somewhat productive in college. Are his chances great that he's a top QB in the league? Of course not, he has accuracy issues and is not NFL ready between the ears; however he has a shot. I don't believe Allen has a chance to make it as a long term QB even with the Bills investing a ton of resources into helping him succeed.

Allen has surprised me with his athletic ability. I'll give him that. If he can work out his technical flaws, and fundamental issues, he may turn out to be journeyman guy who starts for 3 years..gets bumped down, but hangs around and gets picked up by QB starving teams in a pinch..signs a contract and goes at it again..mediocre results. 10 year career.

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Markulous wrote:
The New York Daily News' Manish Mehta reports "at least one team" asked Daniel Jones to work out as a tight end at the Combine because they "didn’t think he was good enough to be a NFL starting quarterback."
Even for high-end talents, it is not unheard of for teams to request a workout at a different position, but it is still eyebrow raising for a player who ultimately went No. 6 overall. Neither Jones' tape nor production screamed "consensus first-rounder." The Giants not only disagreed, they were so confident in their evaluation that they took Jones at No. 6 overall instead of gambling that he would fall to No. 17. Someone — either the Giants or Jones' doubters — is going to be looking silly in a few years time.

:lol: Not sure that's a good sign.

Tim Tebow won a playoff game!!!!