Cowboys and the cap

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mstrbass2000 wrote:
jamcutpost wrote:
mstrbass2000 wrote:what about the raiders ??? were talking about the cowboys and dak's possible numbers

When you brought up Goff?

I think he was trying to infer that OAK would be in for Goff over Carr in FA - so theyd also need to back up the Bullion Wagon.

On this tangent?

I think Ppl forget Goff is under contract for 2020 &(even if they have to go the 5th yr option route) Rams have 53million in cap space.

We can get back to Dak/ JJs hair now :)

how about if dak gets 34 what goff would be worth since he has better numbers and also been to the super bowl,rams have big decision to make 2020 also that 53 million is gonna be gone very quickly

No. No, they dont :D

    If the deal doesnt look like itll be any cheaper than signing him for a 5th year? You take the 5th yr (& keep talking).
    If the deal doesnt look like itll be any cheaper than the frnchise?You'll take the franchise (& keep talking).

Wilson has the biggest QB contract in the league currently and hes only taking up 13.3% of Seattles cap this year.

Arod is 13.4% of GBP cap, this year. Brady? 13.4% of NEP cap. Rivers? 12.3% for LAC. Even Cousins and his mega bucks is 15% for MIN.

Thats even before we allow for whats become an annual event of increasing the cap:

    Year / Maximum team salary
    2019 / $188.2 million
    2018 / $177.2 million
    2017 / $167.00 million
    2016 / $155.27 million
    2015 / $143.28 million
    2014 / $133 million
    2013 / $123 million

The Rams have 3yrs to get a deal done and 25% of their cap available to do it in 2020

As well as another likely $10-12million in 2021. And another in 2022.

The cap increases easily outpace the gap between 5th yr contract to franchise tag.

Goffs availability to the market is both a non-issue & wont greatly affect LAR roster in terms of player retention.

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Yahoo's Charles Robinson confirms Ezekiel Elliott is considering holding out of Cowboys training camp.

Per Robinson, the sides have been talking for over a month. Robinson believes Elliott will nix a holdout, even absent a new deal, if he believes the Cowboys are "making a serious push to get an extension worked." The Cowboys are scheduled to report in 12 days.

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