FanEx FAD: Fantasy Analysis Draft

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The annual FanEx FAD Draft is underway! What an interesting draft year this is turning into.


If you are new to FanEx, it's the oldest experts league in existence. It was the first. The FAD is just a subset of FanEx that do this draft. This is FanEx in it's entirety: FANEX and there is also an FanEx Auction League that has not started yet.

I'll spell it all out in my annual Draft Plan (to be released in August sometime) but while I'm posting away in here.. here are some very early, very quick observations:

The only real question is when does Mahomes make sense? There will be piles of quarterbacks available late and it devalues the entire position. Though.. there still are value points where it makes sense to draft another top-caliber gun-slinger like Aaron Rodgers or Deshaun Watson. Once you are out of the top-top guys though, then you'll want to hold off until much later.

Bare minimum, draft two that are in your Top-20. There are lots more flyers and sleepers at WR this year, and while there are still a few of those at RB too, lock up a couple of good runners early as you'll be able to roster pad late in the draft much easier at WR.

That's not to say you can neglect WR. You can't.. focus on guys with upside more than the stud rockets though. There are plenty of young upside guys in this draft. Grab a handful in the early-mid to mid-rounds then wait until late to round them out.

There is a time to draft Kelce, Ertz and Kittle and I'm on board with paying face value for them. After those three though, it's more of a waiting game as there will be a lot of quality choices late to take a chance on.

I'll flesh it all out in August. In the meantime, enjoy the FanEx FAD.