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SUPERIMIAINI wrote:Over the last month I have watched just about every "AIR RAID" offensive breakdown video I can find. I know 1 thing, it's possible for DJ to catch 1,000 and rush for 900 or so.

The 2nd thing I learned is that this offense spreads the ball to everybody, and I mean everybody! It's really just about who's coverage get's lost. It's such a flexible system, high percentage throws.

I can see double digits TD's and maybe just maybe that coveted 2k yards total.

Super-M they're gonna have to utilize David early and often and figure out how to get Murray through reads quickly...Not sure the offensive line is athletic enough (in fact i'm sure they're not from what I saw) to pull this Air-Raid off without a power running game... We'll see!? Good luck this year!

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