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I am trying to decide if I should start damien williams because my opponent is starting Mahomes instead of lindsay who I usually start. It is a ppr league and hill and watkins out, do I bench lindsay for williams? Do you all adjust your lineups if opponent is starting a player that gets tons of points like mahomes or just leave your normal lineup in?
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Start your best players
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Start your best, Don't worry about who they start
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Depends a little on if you are a favorite or not.

If you think that two players scores are co-variant ... then you can reduce random variations, by starting a player whose score will vary with one of your opponents scores.

But the evidence for co-variant fantasy scoring is pretty thin, if non-existent.

If you have strongers starters at every position (better TE, WR's, RB's, defense) and the only way you think you lose is a Mahomes explosion ... MAYBE there is protection by starting a player he might co-inflate. But that generally doesn't work. When you try that, it always seems that Mahomes then throws 6 TD's to Pringle, and Lindsay gets targeted 20 times.

Start your best players.
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I think Hill is active.
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Don’t do it. Facing mahomes I played Hardman over a questionable Godwin and lost because of it. Play your players

QB: Wentz/Allen RB: Zeke, Cook, Sony, Pllrd, Mattsn
WR: KAllen, Woods, Sutt, Diontae; TE: Cook,Jon
K: Butt, DEF: IND
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