Week 10 waiver adds

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I scooped up Fuller. He’s my WR 4 and will likely never see the field behind Julio, Godwin, John Brown (all who are past their bye) but by rostering I’m assuring he won’t blow up against my team in the playoffs!

QB: Russ/Tanny / RB: Jones, Akers, Davis, Hines, Williams, Gaskin(IR)
WR: Dvnte, AJBrown, ARob, Tee / Gdrt / Lutz / MIN/CAR/WAS
QB: Herb/Baker RB: DCook, Jacbs, JT, Akers
WR: Ridley, DK, JJeff, Gllday / Ebron / Meyers / LAR,CLE,SEA
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OarChambo wrote:
Tacks652 wrote:I've seen Will Fuller available in a few leagues due to the hammy issue and now he's practicing again.

What's his ROS value like with Kenny Stills also in Houston?

More dropped touchdowns than caught touchdowns, will win you one game by himself (but you won't have any reason to anticipate it in advance), and will have one game of less than 20 yards receiving (which you will also not have any reason to anticipate in advance).

That's fair. Boom or bust.
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jnadke wrote:
Elmagister wrote:Only had 4 targets yesterday, but caught a TD.

Baltimore is no slouch against TEs, so it's barely a win.

Better than picking up Gesucky.

gesucky got 7 targets for your information,id still pick him up and i would also keep him as a te2 with upside to low te1 on any given week