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It's been awhile.

Someones gonna hit.
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1. Goff rebounds for his highest fantasy production of the season including at least 3 TD's
2. Gio Bernard has a big day by his standards, scoring a TD, and getting at least 100 total yards
3. Jimmy Graham.... finishes TE1
4. Ka'imi Fairbain has a 5 FG day
5. Someone parachutes into one of the games dressed as Rick from Rick and Morty as a promotional stunt.

QB: Goff (LAR), Stafford (DET)
WR: Jones (ATL), Kirk (ARI), Westbrook (JAX), McLaurin (WAS), Williams (OAK), Crowder (NYJ), Thomas (NYJ)
RB: Kamara (NO), Barkley (NYG), Freeman (ATL), Hyde (HOU), Smith (ATL), Bernard(CIN)
TE: Hooper (ATL), Graham (GB)
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1. Guice goes for less than 35 yards combined on 14 touches.
2. Chants of MVP fill the stadium with Foles performance after he leads Jags to victory. And they're in Indy!
3. Kenyan Drake blows up the SF D again for over 125 yds combined, and 2 TDs.
4. Lamar Jackson 2 TDs Rush, 3 TDs Pass (one of those to himself) for another Ravens win.
5. Chris Godwin, back to favorite with a 137 YD, 2 TD performance.

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1. Darrell Williams leads the KC committee 31 touches 212 yards. Damian fumbles his way to he bench.

2. Buffalo and Miami make 10 field goals and miss all extra points.

3. SF wins by 46.

4. Johnny Hekker throws ot touchdown for the W gets Gatorade bath. The leg and him do celebration dance and trend #1 on twitter.
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1. In week 10, 3 teams were favored by 10+ points (NO, IND, BAL). Two of them lost. In week 11, 3 teams are favored by 10+ points (MIN, SF, OAK). Deja vu strikes... two of them will also lose.

2. There will be another Philly Special run in the NE/PHI game. Except this time it is run by New England. Belichick will crack a smile afterwards and frighten several small children.

3. The highest scoring game of the week will be the one with the lowest O/U. (WAS/NYJ, 37.5)

4. Antonio Brown crashes Colin Kaepernick's Saturday Showcase. Forces Kaep to make him his exhibition receiver, and tweets about it less than 30 minutes later. Both remain unsigned and AB blames it on NFL collusion but then backtracks and blames it on Colin.

5. The leading fantasy point scorer for the Vikings this week is that household name... Irv Smith, Jr.

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1) Cook and Mattison combine for 250 rushing yards and 4 TDs
2) BAL v HOU combine for 800+ passing yards
3) Cooper Kupp has another 0 catch game on 4+ targets
4) CHI v LAR combine for <17 total points
5) Phillip Rivers throws 0 TD and 4 INTs vs KC
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Miles Sanders 200+ yards 3TDs
Derrius Guice 175 yards 2TDs
DJ Moore -250 yards
Joe Mixon - 200 yards 0 Tds
Deebo Samuels - 150 yards 2TDs

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Sanu goes for 150 yards and 3 TD’s
Gurley 200 all purpose yards and 3 TD’s
No kicker misses a field goal or extra point on Sunday
Josh Allen throws for 300+ yards and 2TD’s plus 2 rushing TD’s
Foles and Westbrook hook up for 5 TD’s
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1 - Redskins/Jets game is a shootout of epic proportions. 90 + points.

2 - Saints/Bucs game features only defensive td's.

3 - David Johnson 200+ total yards 3 td's.

4 - Lamar Jackson is held to less than 20 yards rushing and 100 yards passing.

5 - Goff throws 5 touchdowns or more.
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1. Dallas is shutout by Detroit.
2. Julio and Godwin combine for 80+ fantasy points (PPR)
3. McLaurin outscores Zeke, Bell, and Josh Jacobs combined in fantasy points (PPR).
4. Slye makes 10 FGs
5. Demaryius Thomas goes over 180 yards with 3+ TDs
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Josh Jacobs goes off for 4 TDS.

SF D combines for 10 ints \ sacks on the Cards.

Haskins throws for 4 TDS.

Ajayi goes for 2 TDS but held under 20 yards.

Godwin goes nuts on the Saints for 200+ yards and 3 TDS.
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Saints have 3 DST TDs
Zeke has 3 fumbles lost
Pats and Eagles combine for 950 plus yards but under 40 total pts.
Brian Hill has a rushing throwing and receiving td
Kyler has 100 plus yards rushing.

QB Ryan
RB1/2 Saquan/A jones
WR1/2: Julio/Godwin
Flex breida
TE: Andrews
DST Pats
K Butker
b. DMont, A Rob, DCarr, J will, Cooks

Start 1QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 flex, TE, D, K 14 man roster
(.5ppr. 12 team)
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Finley throes for 350 and 3 scores and runs another in. He also engineers the game winning drive drive

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I had a pretty busy weekend moving and didn't pay too much attention. Anyone see anything off hand?
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Monday Night OOAL
1) An earthquake will stop the game
2) 4 Rushing TD's total by non RB's
3) Someone will make a 64+ yard FG
4) Longest play of the game will be 20 yards or less
5) 10+ Total TD's will be scored in the game