The Darwin Thompson Theory

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He did get a penalty on one of the few times he actually was involved in pass pro.
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so Reid has said Darrell Williams likely won't play next week
Damien is a question mark, no updates as of yet
McCoy is in the mix
Darwin next man up, looking at a minimum 50% time share I'd guess

next up
home vs Broncos who are banged up

Not loving it
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Broncos defense is beat up, as you said, I wouldn't mind starting a RB against them right now (started Gorden this week).

Bears season will be over by then and their defense seems to be very hit or miss from week to week.

It's not the best 3 game matchup, but it's not the worst if you need him. I'm not buying into him as the playoff savior for those who held him (or just picked him up), but if the Williams are out then he's worth looking at your flex at least.
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Eeegads, I’ve rostered all of the KC RBs at some point this year.
Now is as good a time as any to roll out Darwin, as none of them have been week winners.
I’m coming around to thinking that the KC backfield is really a minefield, for this year.

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