Is Hurd the Word?

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(Stolen from the Deebo thread)

Here is a decent breakdown on Hurd. (6 min)

If you don't watch, here's the summary:
At Tennessee, he was 5 star recruit out of high school, and as a true freshman started all 13 games, he was lead back for his team and only lost his job to one Alvin freakin Kamara. He got fed up with that, and transferred to Baylor where he returned to the field- as lead WR. His strengths being: size (6'3" 230), after the catch ability, and vision.
Fast forward, he was pre-season stud before getting stress fracture back injury, and he's with offensive mastermind Shanny- who not only loves players with after the catch ability, but a bit of a gadget skill set to boot, this at the very least means that he's on the right team to succeed if he's given the opportunity.

This analysis was all prior to Deebo injury as well.
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Like Hurd. I'd probably take him over Bourne just because i like his upside. But in redraft not sure im buying. I think Deebo only misses 2-3 game max. I think Hurd will be a package guy. He showed in the preseason that he's a redzone threat...he's physical and knows how you use his size well. Niners rookie Jauan Jennings is the same type of player. Big, Slow, physical slot/ redzone threat. Jennings led the nation in broken tackles for a WR above Lamb. They could be fighting for the same position.

Right now i rank the WRs Deebo, Aiyuk, Hurd, Bourne,Taylor, Jennings

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