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Striker1110 wrote:New Rumor flying around Dallas
Ezekiel still has effects from his with bout with Covid
Is huffing and puffing after a couple of carries, hasn’t had 3 carries in a row
Might still have Brain Fog, looks disinterested on the Bench and Field, talks to himself on the Bench
That’s according to the Ticket Sports Station

I heard that segment on The Musers (Sports Radio The Ticket) as well. I wouldn’t say it’s a Rumor flying around Dallas. They were just speculating, more so tongue in cheek. But I do think fumbling is in Zeke’s head and he needs to ditch the loose undershirt. Can’t feel the ball.

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hawkdogger wrote:
Elmagister wrote:I heard that Zeke is a Marxist Antifa soldier, and he fumbled twice last night to strike at his bourgeoisie team owner.

I heard he's an Ewok.

That's confirmed.
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TheWizard wrote:As long as Hopkins doesn’t go for 36 pts I’ll knock off the top seed and secure a so much needed W.

In remembrance of Walter, D-Day veteran and my friend. Never forget.