Week 11 OOAL~ 7K Sands

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Predict your most outlandish, off the wall predictions for next weeks set of games.

No trunk huggerz, plz. (i.e. Brady has 400 yds passing and 4TD's)

Keep them Out On A Limb. (i.e. Brady runs for two TD's/ catches 1, TD and throws for 2)

You know what to do.

7k of my own Sands. Since i missed a few weeks, (family stuffs) on the line this week!
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No one this week?
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In a bit. Work sucks
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tsbgrayghost wrote:In a bit. Work sucks
X2 :censor:

Taysom Hilll is a top-3 FF QB this week.

2 QBs catch a TD this week.

Jets win, because, well, Jets.

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Kerryon Johnson- 200 total yds, 2 Tds
No Td's scored in the CLE v PHI game
Keanu Neal (ATL) - 2 INTs, 2 Td's
Gio Bernard scores exactly 28 ppr fantasy points on his 28th Bday

Antonio Brown gets in legal trouble. No, not OOAL enough.
*edit* AB fights a security guard because the guard accused him of sexual assault. He speeds away, but gets pulled over for going 100mph. He then throws and end table that was in his car at police.

12 tm Dynasty PPR
QB: Darnold, Burrow, Trubisky
WR: Thomas, Robinson, J. Brown, Shepard, C. Davis, D. Hamilton, C. Claypool, W. Snead
RB: A. Jones, Fournette, Ekeler, K. Johnson, Penny, J. Howard, Snell, Gore, J. Wilson
TE: Hooper, Njoku, Akins, Warring
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Jacobi Myers has 8 catches for 123 yards and a td. Exact numbers
Taylor Hill has at least 1 td pass, 1 td run, and 1 td catch
2 kickers have 60 yard plus fgs.
Wentz has more turnovers than pass completions
Big Ben h has a 20 yard plus run

QB Wilson
RB1/2 Alvin/GIO
WR1/2: ARob/Dionte
Flex melvin

Start 1QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 flex, TE, D, K 14 man roster
(.5ppr. 12 team)
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Jonathan Taylor goes off vs GB - 200 yards and > 3 TDs
Lamar Jackson has 200 rushing yards vs TEN
Jalen Reagor 150 yards and 2 TDs
AJB and Corey Davis are the top 2 ppr WRs this week.
edit: PJ Walker 400 total yards and 5 TDs
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1. Ju Ju goes 11-13 for 183 yards and 3TDs.
2. Cam Newton 3 rush TDs, 1 passing.
3. N. Chubb - 187 total yards, and 4 TDs
4. D. Adams throws TD, but has no receiving TDs despite going 11/14 140+ yards receiving.
5. J. Tucker 7 FGs on 8 attempts in the game.

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Taysom with overall top fantasy points that includes a run, pass and catch td.

Jags blow out the Steelers

Image Image

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1) Taysom Hill will register at least 1 punt

2) Jets, Dallas, Jags,Vegas money line parlay (+31500)

3) J Winston will throw 3+ TD's (Based on him not starting and coming in because Taysom Hill is stinking it up)

4) Damien Harris will score 3+ TD's

5) Taysom Hill's Longest reception will be longer than his longest rush, which will be longer than his longest pass
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A lot of Taysom Hill, this week!
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Cook and Zeke combine for 500 rushing yards.

Raiders beat the Chiefs by 20 plus.

Tom Brady throws for fewer than 120 yards.

Darrell Henderson scores 4 tds.

Kalen Ballage gets 200 combined with 3 tds.