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endzoneview wrote:
endzoneview wrote:Would be nice to see RGIII come out and give the Ravens a fighting chance and in turn, earn himself some money next off-season


RG3's gonna have to live large with that practice squad cash!
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Dropped pass after Dropped pass good grief, then dionte Johnson Dropped 3 sizable gains

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endzoneview wrote:


Brooke sucks.
Run out of KC.
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This game screwed me out some money

End of first half - refs non call on steelers laying on ravens rb for 20 seconds not getting a delay of game called - cost me aFG that would ve put me in 1st place.

Any ref worth a sniff - would know, watch out for defense delaying game there, offense has no time outs if they run it and get stopped, watch for defenders bleeding the clock,
Ravens were literally picking up steeler linemen 1 at a time off the rb, ref watched it for like 15 seconds - called nothing - mind boggling. Ravens were greedy going for the TD, but man that play should have been run with like 12 seconds left not 6. Great job by steelers - situational awareness, got away with it, risk was worth the reward - Referee was out to lunch - not recognizing what was going on and failing to call it...
Cost me prize money and a better week 14 match up - this hobby is stupid at times