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Bills /Ravens game had a scenario on play where LJ was hurt...

If a QB has his feet on the 2 yard line but the ball leaves his hand from within the endzone and the pass is called intentional grounding - Is this a safety?

What matters more? where his feet were or where the ball left his hand? LJ had an extended arm and was falling backwards the ball may have left his hand from a point in the end zone.

On replay reviews for a laterals, where the ball left the hand matters...

TD reviews, did ball cross line similar as well

Any rules Nerds able to provide insight?
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I would say where the ball is for laterals is probably irrelevant to the question you want answered.

Now you might have something when it comes to crossing the line. What was the ruling on the field.
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I imagine it's similar to how it works for determining if a pass is thrown beyond the line of scrimmage, where the ball and the whole body needs to be beyond the line, but the rule does not expressly state this.
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When in doubt go for the norm rather than the exception.

Pretty much every penalty in the NFL rule book is based on the spot of the ball. The only ones that depend on the player are pass interference.

The sport is based on Rugby, the ball is always central to the sport.
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I believe forward progress was the key on that particular play. He was knocked backwards during his throwing motion.

However, I am almost positive I have heard the entire body and ball has to be in the endzone for grounding to result in a safety.
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Also eyeroll "Ball left his hand in the endzone".

Pretty sure the ball was nowhere near the endzone. Nobodys arms are 2 yards or 6 feet long. Even 35 inches is generally considered freakishly long for DL or OT.


This is a catfish post.

That said, the intentional grounding rule applies, I believe the opponent gets to pick one of these three:

Code: Select all
Penalty: For intentional grounding:

loss of down and 10 yards from the previous spot; or

loss of down at the spot of the foul; or

if the passer is in his end zone when the ball is thrown, it is a safety. See 4-7 for actions to conserve time inside one minute of either half.