2021 Rookies: WR edition

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UK LB Jamin Davis posted a 42' at his pro day.

https://draftwire.usatoday.com/2021/03/ ... y-pro-day/

In remembrance of Walter, D-Day veteran and my friend. Never forget.
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Elmagister wrote:

46.5 :shock:

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jesteva wrote:I can't get to it from my phone but if anyone can post the vid of the Illinois WR with the 46 inch vertical..... are you kidding? :shock:

This guy has an interesting back story and plausible explanation for not producing much to this point.
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I've been seeing him mocked in the late 3rd early 4th.

His physical comp is Martavis Bryant IMO, albeit with a bit more athletisciism and with what has to be a better head on his shoulders.

I saw him on Good Morning Football this morning...what a nice engaging articulate young man.

If your team takes him, you'll be pleased.
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But hows his hands?

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