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In PPR, who would you rather select as your RB2 if all were available?

Fred Jackson (if you could definitely get Spiller later)
Steven Jackson
Adrian Peterson (if you could definitely get Toby later)
Total votes : 25
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Of the options listed above, which would you feel provides the best value?

Freddie is the most obvious timeshare situation, though still not entirely certain what the split will be.
S-Jax is the steady veteran with an expected high number of touches, but also mileage and a sketchy O-Line.
AP is the high ceiling - high risk guy trying to come back from the injury that would represent an unprecedented speedy rehab.

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Fred for me.
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Fred was a beast before his injury last year. Hoping for one last monster season.

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fred will go to early at this point, I dont think he sees the workload he started to see last year.
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Fred Jackson's a PPR nightmare for opponents, I'd roll the dice on him even with Spiller's presence

Steven Jackson I'd be concerned losing touches/deteriorating (workload catching up to him, Pead to spell him), but it's pretty close IMO.

and as for ADP, I'm not counting on him this season, way too soon from his ACL
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Probably SJax.

I don't buy he'll be in a time-share with Pead. The latter is a handcuff only for now.

FJax is 31. Hmmm.

ACL Peterson: let someone else take the risk.

Also, SJax contributed 80 points in the receiving game last year. That's 5.0 ppg. Very useful in PPR.


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