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Figured its time we start the survivor threads. who are y'all looking at week 1?

I'm liking the following match ups in no particular order:

Philly over Cleveland
Nola over Washington
Detroit over St.Louis
New England over Tennessee (skeptical of this one)
Baltimore over Cincy

These are trap games in my opinion:

Chicago over Indy (Luck has been looking good so i don't want to bet against him yet)
Jets over Buffalo (not sold on the Jets at all)
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Well, seeing how bad the Jets loooked on pre season, i would say Buffalo, but I think that is a trap game and would stay away.

I am leaning towards Seattle over Arizona. If it was in Seattle I would pick this for sure. But it is on the road so I hesitate a little. However, with Lynch and Turbin and a solid D, plus Wilson looking good coupled with a very poor QB rotation and questions at RB and a poor OL, I think Seattle will take this one rather easily.

If I had to pick today, that would be my pick.
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Houston over Miami seems easy
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Houston. Home game, great team, good preseason, playing bad team, bad preseason. Have to go safe early on in these things.

I think Philly blows Cleveland away as does Seattle over Arizona, but they're road games. If there are equal or better options playing at home always take the home team.

Only realistic option other than Houston is New Orleans imo, but I want to see them play without Payton and Vitt before picking them. There will be other opportunities to pick them later as when they're on they're virtually unstoppable at home.

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Nola over Washington would be my pick. Defenses are usually ahead of the offense at this time of year, especially so for the Redskins.

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Take the home team which is favored by the most points.

Don't try to 'save' a team for later in the early weeks.

You got to get to week8 to worry about having your 'saved' team there.

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taoist wrote:Houston over Miami seems easy

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endzoneview wrote:
taoist wrote:Houston over Miami seems easy


It wouldn't be too far fetched to go against Miami all season... lol

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My top 2 are Houston over Miami and Philly over Cleveland. As a Jets fan, the Bills game scares me. Thank god they don't have to worry about Wayne Hunter trying to block Mario Williams off the edge. Even still, I wouldn't touch that game. And I agree with the above poster who was inclined to wait and see NO play without their coaches first.

I like the surest, safest pick in week 1, and for me thats Houston and Philly, in that order.
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Jets shouldn't even be an option this week.. Vegas has moved the line Buffalo's way all summer and ipretty soon they aren't even going to give Buffalo a FG.

Philly's not at home, although they shouldn't have any problems beating Cleveland.

So between Texans and Lions, I'd go with Houston. Opposing QB situation looks good for Houston as well.

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Mark another one up for Houston over Miami.

I also like:
- Detroit over St Louis
- Philly over Cleveland
- New England over Tennessee

The Chicago vs Indianapolis game I would normally say Chicago, especially since it's at home. However, with the "god-child" Andrew Luck, I'm a bit hesitant. Still picking Chicago to beat them in my pick 'em league. Just won't do it in my Survival league.

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Im going with the Saints at the dome, but i really like Min over Jax.

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I'll feel better about MIN if ADP plays...last I heard he'll be a GTD...

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I think I'm going with Philly over Cleveland.

The Eagles have a pretty damn tough schedule this year. Looking at it, I don't know if I would ever use them if I don't use them Week 1. Maybe Arizona Week 3 but we managed to lose to them last year, soo...

Plus TRich looks like he's not gonna be 100%, so that's another reason to pick Philly.
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I wouldn't make this pick...but ATL is going to roll KC

Kendrick Lewis...out
Flowers..I doubt will play
Flowers' back up Jalil Brown...out

You are looking at
Stanford Routt/Jaques Reeves vs. Roddy White/Julio Jones

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