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What is the tanks assessment of Torrey Smith? Some point to his one monster game against St Louis last year and say if you remove that, he was nothing more than a deep threat option that Flacco can only reach 33% of the time. But with the Ravens "committing" to a no-huddle offense and given his excellent performances in the preseason, is there reason to believe that Torrey Smith makes a sizable leap this year in the final rankings? Its no debate he has the physical skills to perform, and with an aging Boldin opposite him, he could make for a nice value later in rounds who will be drafted much higher in next years fantasy drafts.

Does Torrey hold up as a WR3 with huge upside or is the preseason more of just unwarranted hype for a player who will be inconsistent throughout the season?

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I picked him up in 8th round... we start 2 WR's in our PPR league plus a RB/WR/TE flex. I'll see how he does first few games then decide what to do with him. Doing the same with Reggie Wayne & Greg Little.

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He's been climbing up my draft board recently. I'm not an avid Ravens fan or anything, but it seemed as though Flacco targeted him an awful lot in the third preseason game. And he seems to me to be head and shoulders above Boldin at this point. Couple that with the fact that Baltimore NEEDS to send him deep a handful of times a game to create room for Rice...I think he's a high end WR3.
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Smith is a top 20 WR this year.

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If the Ravens do indeed go more no huddle, then Smith is a definite top 20 WR with huge upside. I like him more and more as the season gets closer. Of course, I do not have him on any of my teams so he will probably end the year top 5!!
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Yeah I am hoping he makes a good Flex play. I am torn between him and D. Thomas this week tho. I think I am leaning more towards Torrey. He just seems to be taking over the WR position in Baltimore.
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I love Torrey this year, he really caught on at the end of last year and Flacco looks his way quite a bit. I think he could end up top 20 fo' sho'
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lets see he made it to none of my teams. So i guess enjoy your wr 1.

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I think the guy who breaks out in the middle of the year for this team is LuQuan WIlliams. Made play after play in preseason. Torrey Smith will be a top 36 WR, so worth playing if you have 3WR slots. But he won't beat #1 coverage if he really starts seeing the ball a lot. And Flacco still overthrows him on too many of those deep balls.
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hard 10 wrote:Smith is a top 20 WR this year.

Looks like he is now being drafted as one. Unfortunately, it looks like the days of getting him as a WR3 are almost over. Thankfully, so are all my drafts.

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love him as WR3, be ok w/him as WR2 if i was very strong everywhere else.

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Picked him up in the 6th in our keeper league as my 3rd WR behind Nelson and Marshall (team in sig). I am not too confident with my WR lineup since Nelson and Smith rely on big plays, Collie is an injury risk and Holmes is a headcase. Counting on Torrey Smith due to the following:

1. The Ravens have to air it out if they want to beat out the Pats and the Steelers in the AFC. Boldin can't go deep and their TEs are good enough to man the middle.
2. Flacco did not get a contract extension. Since he is in the final year of his contract, he is probably going to want to showcase his no-huddle-over-the-top offense in the hope of getting a good contract.


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