OOAL 2012 Week 2

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Here's the deal: Make the boldest, most wild predictions you have for this week's games. NO INJURY PREDICTIONS. Do you think Kevin Smith breaks the rushing record? Wallace catches 17 balls? Put 'em here!

Best prediction, both in accuracy and insanity will receive 1,000 sands (donations permitting)! There will be three of the best predictions pulled from the pile and voted on by the tank to determine the winner. Best of all, it's free to you!

The Rules:

1. No trunk hugging. If you wouldn't double-take at the statline or say "no way!" then it wouldn't fly here. "Turner rushes for 2 TD's in the same quarter" is NOT OOAL. The worst trunk-hugger's prediction will be posted to be lambasted by the tank. Don't be that guy. Go crazy!
2. Reel yourself in. Mixing two amazing performances into a single OOAL is one thing, but throwing a bunch into one makes it next to impossible to come true. "Brady throws 6 INT's, Locker throws 6 TD's while the Titans go on to put up 68 points in a shutout of the Patriots" has four OOAL predictions. Split them up to better your chances!
3. Read the thread! Try not to repeat another posters OOAL or "one up" them with a slight boost of rarity/stats. This is a thread for creativity, show it!
4. No editing your posts after kickoff.
5. Five predictions per post.
6. No injury predictions! As stated earlier, plus it's bad karma.
7. Donations welcomed!

Congrats to week 1 winner paulie86 for predicting 6 TDs by the NYJ, something that has never happened since Sanchez came to town. Who can see the future this week?
Let's see 'em!
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Well here's my first try at this, will try to be bold.

1. Trent has bounce back game against Bengals for 250+ combined yards and 3 touchdowns

2. Reggie Wayne says "who needs targets?" and actually gets 18 receptions.

3. Ray Lewis gets two pick 6's on Vick, one to win the game in overtime.

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1. Some day this will come true. a player will catch a football with his face mask.

2. Randall Cobb has 90 yards rushing and 90 yards receiving.

3. A coach punches a replacement ref in the face for a bad call.

4. Greg Little 6 rec for 66 yards..extactly..6.66

5. T Rich is my Beech 240 2 tds.

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Arizona has more rushing and passing yards than New England... and still finds a way to lose the game.

Reuben Randle will lead all NYG receivers with 120+ receiving yards and 2 TD's.

Both the Vikings and Raiders win in OT with field goals.

Someone tackling Jason Witten this week will rupture their own spleen. (I guess that might be an injury prediction, but I'm not naming names. Maybe it'll be a random dumbass trying to mug him. :) )

3 of the top 5 QB's in terms of passing yards will be rookies.
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1. Vick has a ball tipped at the line, he catches it, and runs in for a score.
2. While SF's defense scores as many or more TDs than DET's offense....DET's only score is a pass TD to Megatron.
3. Not only does Tebow have more rushing yards than PIT, but NYJ beat PIT by double digits.
4. In the DEN/ATL game, 800+ yds and 8 TDs are thrown.
5. CJ rushes for more yards than SD and yet still runs less than 20 yards

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FantasyTom wrote:1. Vick has a ball tipped at the line, he catches it, and runs in for a score.

I can only imagine the number of threads started about the proper scoring of that play :lol:

1. Murray has 100 yards rushing and 100 yards receiving and 3 TDs.
2. Peyton and Matt Ryan have a shoot out both going over 500 yards passing and Peyton scores a rushing TD.
3. AJ Green is the number 1 PPR WR this week with at least 10 receptions 175 yards and 3TDs.
4. After a record setting 5 teams with 40 or points in one week no teams go over 40 points in week 2, but 2 teams go scoreless.
5. After 1 carry for 2 yards in week 1 Mike Tolbert has more rushing yards than everybody else on both teams added together in the week 2 NO/CAR game.
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625james wrote:
FantasyTom wrote:1. Vick has a ball tipped at the line, he catches it, and runs in for a score.

I can only imagine the number of threads started about the proper scoring of that play :lol:

1 TD pass
xx passing yards
1 Reception (PPR)
xx receiving yards
1 TD reception

It could be the single-highest scoring play in fantasy football history!


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The combination of Kolb and Skelton, throw for more yds./TD's than Brady

Tebow wins the game, by picking up a botched punt and returning it for the winning touchdown

Shanahan reaches out to Clinton Portis, who returns and leads WAS in rushing this week

The game between the Lions and the 49's is cancelled, and it is decided that a deathmatch between Jim Schwartz and Jim Harbaugh will determine a winner.
It is declared a tie when 49's NT Isaac Sopoaga loses his balance and crushes both Schwartz and Harbaugh
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1. First true triple threat of the season Randall Cobb has 100 yards receiving 100 yards rushing 100 return yards.
2. Darren McFadden , Marshawn Lynch & Peyton Hillis combine for 65 yards and 4 fumbles
3. Cleveland score 40+ on Cincy
4. The Dolphins upset the Raiders 12-3
5. a kicker will go 6 for 6 in fgs this week

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Scott Chandler catches 3 TD's.

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1. Tom Brady throws for over 500 yards and 5 TDs, 3 of them to Wes Welker (take that, kittens). Credits his amazing game to his injured nose.

2. Ridley gets less than 10 carries and under 40 yards all game. Belichicked.

3. Matt Stafford throws for less than 200 yards after having 4 consecutive games of 350+ yards.

4. Kevin Ogletree outscores all other Dallas WRs combined.

5. Peyton Manning fails to throw a TD and completes less than 50% of his passes.
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1. Bengals offense get shutout and Green fails to record more than one reception
2. Jamaal Charles outscores Foster, Spiller, and Kevin Smith combined.
3. Jimmy Graham fails to record a catch.
4. Bengals D has 3 defensive/ST TDs but gives up 400+ yards.
5. Steve Smith(CAR) goes completely apesh** with 200+ receiving yards and 4+ TDs in a game that scores over 100 points.
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1. Shanahanigans: Evan Royster and Alfred Morris swap their carry numbers from last week. 28 for Royster; 2 for Morris.

2. Jonathan Dwyer continues to make Isaac Redman redundant by rushing for over 200 yards and 3 scores.

3. David Wilson fumbles again in the 1st quarter and doesn't receive another carry. Doug Martin also fumbles in the 1st, and then ends up rushing for over 100 yards and 2 TD's.

4. Darren McFadden has more receptions than the entire Miami roster combined.

5. Stevan Ridley has fewer rushing yards than Kevin Kolb has incompletions.
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Thursday Night Special

Combined passing yardage > 1000 yards
Combined Touchdowns > 12
Combined Rushing Yards > 300
Brandon Marshall 250 rushing/receiving Yards and 4 TD's or more
Nelson, Cobb and Finley > 100 rushing/receiving yards and at least 1 TD each.

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1. Carolina New Orleans is defensive struggle and is the lowest scoring game of the week.
2. Kendall Hunter has a bust out game gaining over 200 yards (rushing/receiving).
3. Weeden does his best Flacco impression and the Browns score 40+ on the Bengals
4. Lamar Miller rushes for more yards than DMC
5. Victor Cruz has more yards receiving than the Bucs have of total offense.

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