BBB- Breakout years, bumbs and Busts

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Okay, so this term "breakout year" has been floating around threads on this website for a while now, and I don't think it is fair to some of the players in the NFL or in what we really care about...fantasy football.

So we are all still waiting for Matt Ryan to have a breakout year, right? Is that really fair?
The guy had 4177 29 TDs and 12 INTs last year. Standard scoring leagues, he would average around 21 pts/ week. Was that not good enough for a breakout year? I got him in the 6th round in one of my leagues this year. I hope to God this is his "breakout year"!

Shonn Greene- silently putting up 1300 total yards and 6 TDs last year for a mid- late round draft pick on a run first team, are we still waiting for a breakout year? I wrapped up my RBs early this year; I think I left some value on the table NOT waiting on him this year.

I think it is unfair to say we are still waiting on a player to have a breakout year. The 2 consecutive years before this one, I picked Eli Manning in the 8th round and was able to compete in my leagues. I didn't get him this year because he went allot sooner due to a good year last year. I guess that was his breakout year?

Maybe I am missing something here; but some guys I am still waiting on to have "breakout years":

(This list may show my age!)

Akili Smith
Andre Ware
Charles Rogers
Todd Marinovich
Tim Couch
Jamarcus Russell (Did you really have to go to LSU and get busted with champipple?)
Ryan Leaf
Heath Shuler
Colt Mccoy

This list really doesn't matter because they are NOT going to have "breakout years". They are what we call "busts".

Is it ALL or NOTHING? Somebody like M Sanchez, the tenth best FF QB last year, are we still waiting for his "breakout year"? In one league I am in; Sanchez went undrafted! I think we need to stop labeling anyone outside of the top 5 at their respective positions a bumb or a bust.

Please don't get me started on ceilings and floors! ](*,)
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Well, with a guy like Matt Ryan, I think it's just that everyone expects that his ceiling is very high. What we saw last year should be his floor, and if he reaches his full potential then his ceiling should be much higher. (Sorry, couldn't resist) :wink:

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