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I know there's the classic "Pimpin aim't Breezy" or "Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood" but I was just curious if anyone's come across some interesting or unheard of, or especially hysterical team names in their leagues, especially if they're incorporating a rookie.

So far my favorite 3 are,


- Fig Newton

-and one I just made for my big money team, and I'm hoping it's an original, but after week 2 calling it "Trent make me Richer Son!"

So what other crazy team names have the sharks seen or made as the seasons underway?

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Favre Dollar Foot Long.

Not a classic, but original.

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Brooklyn Larceny
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Multiple Scoregasms

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SonOfDad wrote:Brooklyn Larceny

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I always seem to come back to "Super Crack All Stars"

QB: Brees
WR:Cruz, Decker, Shorts, Hartline, Allen
RB: Charles, MJD, McFadden, Hillis, Jennings
TE: Jordan

1 20 passing
1 10 rushing/receiving
1 PPR, 12 man league.
All TDs 6 Points.
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Forgot to add my championship team name from last year. Was playing my room mate whose name is "Tony" and as a panthers fan called my team "Daylight come, Tony go home..."

Hoping someone gets that one :D

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50 Shades of Sandusky

Too soon? :-k
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Team Zombie Jesus
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Off Constantly
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NoleMan wrote:Multiple Scoregasms

No way, is this taking off? Not saying I was one of the first, but I have been using that team name in various leagues for three years now (minus the plural, mine was always just 'Multiple Scoregasm) in baseball, football, and basketball! This is actually the first year I've never used it simply because I'm out of random leagues and have used it in all of my regulars.

Some good ones in my leagues this year.

The guy who owns Reggie Bush named his team Reggie Tales!, while the guy with Brees named his Brees in the Trap. Two of my good team names this year are Can't Be Tamme'd (Miley Cyrus song reference...love it!) and Staff Infection.

The Staff Infection team is my keeper league (and I should change the name since Stafford is on my bench this week in favor of Ryan) but even still I've been fortunate enough to draft Arian in the first round the last two years and last year my primary team name was Bananas Foster.
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My league 2 name: Ouch! My Spleen

Ironically I got Witten in round 10... :Drink)

I'm already looking forward to 2017...
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Amen to Dollaz
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last year in one of my leagues, not mine=best all time period......Show Me Your TD's

Gilbride said, "I guess it'll be Brandon (Jacobs)."
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