Who is T Richardson's backup?

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Brandon Jackson?
Montario Hardesty?

I could hold one or two, but not all three. They all seem roughly equal to me, but does anyone have more thoughts on this situation?

-A baffled T Richardson owner, who has already lost FJax and hasn't got Spiller.
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It would probably go to a committee, but Ogbonnaya likely has the inside track. Regardless though, even if one of those guys got every TRich carry, you wouldn't want to play them -- he's not a logical guy to handcuff. If he's hurt, you could pick one of them up, but stashing one on your bench is a waste because you're holding out for two things: an injury and the backup being any good.


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Yea coming from a Richardson owner, I don't have any of his back-ups and don't plan on picking up any of them from the free agency.

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I was a Hillis owner last year and drafted Hardesty as a handcuff.

When he got hurt, I picked up Silent G.

Other than one game where Silent G. ran for 100 yards, they were both awful.

As always, hopefully if you own Trent, you have some depth options that are better.


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Coming from a Browns fan, T-Rich is a stud and will most likely be a sure starter for the next couple of (healthy) seasons, but he does not have a legitimate backup. Hardesty should be cut and Jackson/Obonnaya are not consistent enough to get the amount of carries they would need to put up semi-decent stats even if Trent gets hurt.

good luck!

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Thank you all.
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Brandon Jackson was a healthy scratch last week so Hardesty could play ZERO snaps.

Unfortunately, this tells me if something were to happen to Rich that Hardesty gets the lion's share. Why else activate him? Thing is, he sucks, real bad. His presence will eat into Silent G's PT, who seems to have a similar role with or without Rich.

You don't want any part of this backfield if Rich is out regardless, the whole offense goes down the tubes if he's out.

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