Buying or selling Wes Welker?

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What the h*** is the deal in New England? I am sure, it is possible to land Welker in a trade and the moment to do it is right now. The minute he got on the field, he lapped Edelman in targets, catches and yards. But will he play consistently, with Winslow being added to the mix and Hernandez returning? I have been offered Welker for Sidney Rice straight up. I have been offered Welker for Britt straight up. I wanna keep Britt, and all though Rice has some pretty juicy matchups coming up, I am really tempted to pull the trigger. How do you guys fell about Welkers outlook for the rest of 2012?
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Who knows.

They could be trying to keep him healthy to see if they can trade him off.

Randy Moss's involvement dropped sharply before they traded him.

Either way, I'd buy low.
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I'm buying for the next 3-4 weeks; whenever Hernandez comes back. :Drink)

When I owned him last year that was the period he did the most damage for me; including his monster game against Buffalo.

Sell the moment you hear Hernandez is on the upswing lol.

I'm already looking forward to 2017...
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I would say sell, but you can't sell low.... I guess hold for now and hope he has a good game and then sell...or just keep him. I'd probably want to wait and see how he is utilized with no Hernandez anyway....
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It took three drives after Hernandez went down for Welker to be targeted, and he didn't come on the field until a few minutes had passed. I don't think Hernandez is the root of the Welker issue.
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I agree on seeing what he does without Hernandez before doing anything. At least 5 for 95 isn't a bad score, definitely no need to panic sell.
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Going to wait until after I watch them this week, haven't seen a game yet but am wary his role is being reduced because he lost a step. Want to see for myself before forming an opinion. Only own him in one league thankfully.

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wait and see

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Elmagister wrote:It took three drives after Hernandez went down for Welker to be targeted, and he didn't come on the field until a few minutes had passed. I don't think Hernandez is the root of the Welker issue.

I completely agree. I own Welker in one $$ league and Hernandez in another. Welker didn't even START this past weekend...long before Hernandez's glass ankle cracked when I looked at it the long way. No idea what's going on in NE but clearly, this isn't the Welker of years past nor the same game plan that had him as Brady's #1 target.

That said, with Glass Ankle out 4-6 weeks, one has to think that Welker's target #s will increase. I'd start his asss with confidence and then...once 'Fragile Freddy' Hernandez looks to return, dump Welker to some dumb owner. I think that when NE skill players are at 100%, Welker is no longer the target whore he was the past few years. But let him have some big weeks first and then dump him to some idiot who isn't paying attention.
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Here's the thing. It's clear that the Pats want to run all of their plays with two TEs on the field. When you add Welker and Edelman into the mix, that makes four guys who are trying to do damage in the middle of the field. So my question is this: once AHern returns, what gives? I can only assume they'll return to where they were and I see no reason to think that Edelman just all of a sudden disappears. The result is going to be less snaps for Welker. Even further, I don't think the idea of them trading Welker away is out of the question, which would likely be disastrous to his production (unless he went to the Packers, Saints, or Giants maybe).

My suggestion is that if you own him, hold on tight -- his value is low now and with AHern out, he's likely to rebound by default. As soon as he has a week or two of production, start shopping him for full value. If you don't own him, it's a tougher question, because it will really depend on the discount you're getting. I wouldn't pay anywhere close to full price for him now though.


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infntnub wrote:I'm buying for the next 3-4 weeks; whenever Hernandez comes back. :Drink)

Sell the moment you hear Hernandez is on the upswing lol.

This. Buy low, sell high.

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hard 10 wrote:buy

I would buy if I could. His owner is not just going to give him away, though. Nor should he.


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Consider this before buying too many Welker shares. I love the guy, but I'm not certain that he's not just a great product the system.

According to CBS Sports, there is "more than some remote possibility" the Patriots are preparing to shop Wes Welker.
The word comes via "several league sources." Trading Welker and the salary remaining on his one-year, $9.5 million franchise tender would make more sense than reducing him to a part-time player, but it's hard to ever truly know what's going on behind the scenes in New England. Randy Moss was dealt in a walk year, but under vastly difference circumstances. This year's trade deadline is October 30.
Source: Sep 19 - 4:40 PM

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Ive been very confused about this situation so far. I didnt watch the first game, but watching the 2nd game, it really seemed like they were trying to go without him, and trying to get Edelman some more reps. Now the question is why. I somewhat wonder if Belichick wasnt looking past Arizona himself, assumed his offense would score just fine without Welker, and wanted to get other guys some looks. Then when all of a sudden the offense wasnt scoring without him, you saw his production rise significantly during the game.
I think they experimented, it didnt work, and they will be back to what has worked in the past this week with heavy doses of Welker, Gronk, and an increase in the running game compared to last year. Ridley seems to be the real deal so far.
Now as for Lloyd, he made a couple of great catches last week, but missed a couple that he should have had that had a huge impact.
Bottom line is, Id buy Welker, I see his production rising the next few weeks, and even when Hernandez comes back, Welker should have good value.


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