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Panthers 34, Giants 7

Yeah It's early sue me....


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CAR 27
NYG 21

Hey, it worked on Monday night!


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I'd like to see my Panthers wipe the goofy-retarded smile off the mouth breather's face.

Carolina 28 New York 21

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Every game I expect to see a lot of points in seems to end the completely opposite way... so:

Giants 21
Panthers 17

I'm already looking forward to 2017...
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with all the injuries to the giants i am leaning to carolina

Car 28
NYG 17

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Winter is coming!

Prince Amukamara (ankle) is officially listed as probable for Thursday's game against the Panthers.
Amukamara will give a much-needed talent-infusion to a shaky Giants secondary. In two games without him, they've given up 518 passing yards and five touchdowns through the air. He could match up with Brandon LaFell if the Giants use Corey Webster to shadow Steve Smith.

There will be a lot of sad pandas expecting the same Giants secondary.

Once again, the NFL schedules a Thursday night defensive bore-fest.

NYG 24
CAR 17
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CAR 31
NYG 27
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Giants get Cat Scratch Fever from some kitty next door ...


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I'm surprised how many people are taking the Panthers to win.

Giants - 24
Panthers - 17
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PlumDaddy wrote:I'm surprised how many people are taking the Panthers to win.

At CAR, no Nicks or Bradshaw, NYG had to scramble to beat TB.

I can see it.

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I have Cruz Smith and Lafell going. I really hope at least one goes off.
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I'm surprised how many people are taking the Panthers to win.

Thought it would be a tight game even if Nicks and Bradshaw etc. were healthy.

Without those guys and the game being at CAR, giving the edge to them.

CAR - 24
NYG - 16

Really like the Under 51 here wagering wise.

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I see shootout potential with both teams Ds being involved in high scoring games last week.

Panthers 35
Giants 31
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Panthers 35
Giants 21

David Wilson gets his first TD

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Beautiful night in Charlotte - BofA Stadium is 4 blocks from office, streets are filling up and there is a lot of excitement here already. Cam LOVES the bright lights and big stage and I expect a monster game from him. Giants have too many pieces on the shelf and I think they are in for a looooooong night. Panthers D is a lot better than people give them credit for and I got a feeling the offense will be clicking on all cylinders right out of the gate forcing Eli to put it in the air. But with no Nicks, Hixon or Bradshaw he'll be shooting blanks - Cruz will get his but not much else to cheer about for the Giants fans. Smith is a little gimpy so I look for him to be decoy to draw coverage, look for LaFell, Olsen, Williams and Tolbert to do some damage (especially LaFell who I think is going to have a coming out party with Cam tonight). Cam may get 100 yds rushing in this one too.

Panthers 34
Giants 20

Interesting stat I heard on radio this morning. When Cam rushes 10+ times Panthers are undefeated when he rushes 7 times or less they lose. Kalil said that when he is part of the run game early it gets him going and he is more engaged and energized in the game.

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