Who should win?

Romo throws more pick 6s than offensive TDs
Tannehill throws over 350 yds vs AZ on the road
None of the above
Total votes : 62
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Thanks enzonereview, kuhnmd1528, Crackhead Bob, kmstyf, getsmartt, Fantasy Tom, Hollidome1, bigredmachineffl, Spice Man, monkeywrench69, and TO's Allergic Reaction for the sand donations so far.

Seriously appreciate it guys! =D>

OOAL Rules
The rules are simple, make OOAL predictions and become famous! Errrr.. or just win some fake money. The top predictions from each week will be pitted against each other where your vote determines who will be 1000+ sands richer! Votes will be up for approx 24 hours and a new thread started for next week, so gear up for some ideas!

Keep in mind we award creativity so off-the-wall predictions may be included.

Trunk Huggers Break a nail typing these up, sissies?

OOAL Contenders - Close, but not good enough...

DropkickFluties- Chris Johnson has more rushing yards, rushing TDs, and receiving yds than Arian Foster. But the Titans still lose.
(Foster 86-8-1...Johnson 141-16-0...Couple of TDs for CJ puts this in the mix)

Hawk35- Houston Def has 5 sacks, 4 int and scores 2 TD
(2 TDs but only 4 sacks and 2 int... btw Hawk rule number 4 "No editing posts after kickoff"...just quote it to the end of the thread, it will get seen)

OOAL Finalists - The most "out there" and correct.

5thdown- Tony Romo throws more pick 6's than offensive TDs.
(Two pick 6's...1 offensive TD)

swarehouse- Ryan Tannehill throws for over 350 yards on the road against the Cardinals.
(Tannehill throws for 431...3 other qbs to face them Vick-217, Brady-316 in NE, Wilson- 153)

As always, if you don't think any deserve the reward there is a "None of the above option" and the reward pool will carry over towards next week's prize.

Thanks for participating everyone! Good luck next week!
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That pick-6 one is pretty good. More pick-6's than TD would either require 2+ pick-6's or 0 TD, either of which is a pretty unlikely scenario.

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With Romo? That calls not really that out there.... :lol:

I voted Tannehills big game. Who saw that coming?

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fishfry wrote:With Romo? That calls not really that out there.... :lol:

I voted Tannehills big game. Who saw that coming?

Same here.

Romo imploding against the great Bears D . . . ha!


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Everyone was pimping AZ's D against the Dolphins. Tannhill hadn't thrown for more than 219.
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Both Good Predictions imo...Just some interesting related stats on both...

Tannehill- Tannehill was averaging 205/game with a max game of 219 yds. Tannehill threw for over 350 yards 3 times in his college career- last year vs Baylor and Oklahoma and in 2010 vs Texas Tech (Baylor and Texas Tech were both over 400). (His best receiving game was his freshman year when he caught 12 for 210 and 1 TD against Kansas State...not related but interesting) Arizona held QBs through 3 weeks to 229 average with a max of 316 vs Brady on the road. Arizona defense gave up over 300 yds passing 4 times last year, and over 350 to Newton in his debut and Big Ben, both games were coincidentally in Arizona. Flacco @ Baltimore and Eli @ Arizona both threw over 300.

Romo- Has thrown more interceptions than Touchdowns 18 times in his career (5 in 06, 3 in 07, 3 in 08, 3 in 09 including playoffs, 1 in 10 (injury shortened season), 1 in 11, this was his 2nd in 2012). Not once has he ever thrown more pick 6s than touchdowns.
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jokerswild1130 wrote:both are kinda mehhh to me.

To be fair, most usually do after the fact.

I voted for the Romo one. Both are good IMO.
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Markulous wrote:
jokerswild1130 wrote:both are kinda mehhh to me.

To be fair, most usually do after the fact.

I voted for the Romo one. Both are good IMO.


350+ is still a good prediction considering Tanny's previous work but its not that OOAL (if he said 400, hands down winner)

Romo throwing more INT TDs than TDs is being pretty underrated. When's the last time Romo's done so ever?
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Definitely Romo for me. Tannehill not a bad prediction...but 350 yards passing isn't a super rare thing to see, and when your rb is coming back from injury, you probably throw more. Still good though.

Romo one was very good
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Going by regular season, Romo has thrown more interceptions than TDs just 3 times in his last 37 games. Not only that, but to add in that they must be pick-6's and I reckon this is a HIGHLY improbable situation to ever happen again let alone on the week it was predicted. Many congrats are due here and is well deserving of OOAL.

The Tannehill prediction doesn't seem OOAL to me. I know we can look back at his collegiate career and games so far this year and come away with the fact that the level of yardage he threw for was amazing. But yardage is a very situational thing and built on volume. In his collegiate career, he threw over 40 times a game 7 times. Of those, he threw over 350 yards 3 times. Tannehill probably should have broke 350 more times than he did (53 attempts vs Missouri or 47 vs OK State or 49 vs Texas...etc). But even excluding those, he was 43% likely to break 350 yards when throwing over 40 times. So it's almost akin to predicting the chance for Tannehill to throw xx times a game. We can't use his first few games as a template because a) small sample size and b) he's still learning the offense. So while his yardage is surprising and improbable and while the prediction was terrific and commendable, I just don't think it's "that" OOAL...not like Romo's.

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I think they are both worthy OOALs, but I went with Romo for the reasons stated by other posters.
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Chop the pot both are worthy

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badgasman9 wrote:Chop the pot both are worthy


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Easy. Even if Romo vs Bears D makes it kind of a "safe" OAL, the pick 6 prediction is still far better than the Tannenhill one. A QB for a team who struggles and who passes the ball a lot? Great prediction given the QB is Tannenhill perhaps. But OAL ? Meh...

A D - no matter how good - is never a safe bet to score. Even vs a QB who likes to give up a lot of opportunities. Calling out a two TD game for any D vs any oponent would be borderline OAL by itself. Pairing it with a low TD count for a QB playing at home makes it a slam dunk in my book.

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Congrats 5thdown our OOAL week 4 winner. Sands on the way.

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