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All right guys... lets try it again!

So far I'm 2-1

Hit on Barden week 3
Hit on Roberts in week 4
Missed on Binns week 5

For week 6, I'm actually going to recommend 2 guys... one that I think needs to be owned in all leagues, and another potential 1 week wonder for week 6.

#1 Jeremy Kerley NYJ WR should be owned in all leagues going forward! He's owned in only 30% of CBS leagues. Unless you are absolutely loaded a WR, Kerley will be able to help you down the stretch. There's a lot of Jets hating going on right now. So much in fact, that the Jets players are actually underrated by fantasy owners (Well, all except of Shonn Greene, that dude is terrible). Most fantasy owners have bought into all of the Jets hating and are slow to act on Kerley. This kid is fast! Many with the Jets organization say he's easily the fastest player on the team. He ran a 4.62 in the combine 2 years ago, but Connor Orr (Jets insider) has heard whispers that Kerley is much faster than he graded out two years ago. One thing Kerley is known for, he explodes off of the line into near instant top speed. Described as "rediculous acceleration" by Jets CBs. He's also graded high in hands, vision, ball security and open field ball carrying. His combine knocks... lacks top end speed (recorded 4.62 at combine 2 years ago), struggles in route running and finding the soft sopt in zones. Conflicting reports on his speed make him a wild card. IF Kerley has corrected his combine knocks he could wind up being a Steve Smith (CAR) clone. He's definitely got the yac ability and acceleration to be dangerous. One thing is for sure, Kerley beat Texans Pro Bowl CB Johnathan Joseph repeatedly Monday night. Both off of the line and deep in coverage. Kerley wasn't targeted Monday night until 5 minutes into the second quarter... yet managed 9 targets, 5 catches and 94 yards. Now that Holmes is done for the season and the rest of the Jets receivers are banged up, Kerley is target #1, and the only Jet with his skillset. If Kerley continues to get Holmes targets, 8-14 looks a game, he could be a difference maker for your fantasy team as a #3 with a huge ceiling. Sanchez is streaky, but it's the opportunities that will be key for Kerley. The Jets D gives up an average of 26 points per game, so even though they'd prefer to run, they're going to be forced to pass. Add another TD to that since Revis is out. Next up Luck and the Colts... who should have no problem throwing against a toothless Jets secondary and forcing the score up. As long as Sanchez isn't throwing picks, I'd go out on a limb and say Kerley scores twice in week 6 against the Colts.

Because Kerley is already owned in around 30% of leagues, I want to name someone else I like this week...

#2 Emannuel Sanders (available in 92% of CBS leagues) gets his first TD and 100 yard game this week as my 1 week wonder against a putrid Titans defense. So far this season, Sanders's numbers have been pedestrian. He had 7 targets last week against Philly. But he's the type of guy that goes off from time to time. It's no secret by now, that I like to pick on bad defenses... well, the Titans have given up a league high 181 points in 5 games... a 36ppg average! The Titans are not good enough to play man to man D. Most of what I've seen them run all season is some form of zone coverage. This makes them vulnerable to slot receivers hitting holes and WRs on deep routes that force man to man deep coverage to cover their zone. Big Ben has the skills to shred zone coverage because he can extend plays. He's a great passer, good at extending the play so receivers can spread out the defense, hits his checkdowns and loves to pump fake. Sanders, number 88, is the Steelers slot receiver. Last week against the Eagles they primarily ran a spread offense, even when running so Sanders had a ton of snaps. Todd Haley (offensive coordinator) loves to spread his offense to open up running lanes and short passes. This style matches up well with a defense that runs zone, because when Wallace and Brown are running deep routes, the safties/CBs must follow, which stretches the field and opens up holes for slot WRs and TEs underneath (this is ideal for Sanders and Miller). Last week, Peterson had a modest day against the Titans, posting 88 yards on 17 carries. I expect the same for Mendenhall... leaving plenty of damage to be done through the air. The Steelers defense missing TP at safety might help the Titans stay in the game and keep the ball in the air. All three Steeler WRs are startable this week - Wallace (as always), Brown and Sanders

Good luck in week 6 folks!
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You sold me. Picking up Sanders for a bye week fill-in.

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Darn it Hi6hLyTe, you sure do put up a convincing case. I have one league I'm suicking in big time and now I'm thinking of picking up Sanders. My other wr's are; Decker, Nicks, Hawkins, Meacham, and Roberts. I can start 2-3, what would you guys do?

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Do you like kerley over a healthy s.hill? I know hill went off in one game, then did nothing the second game and got hurt in the 3rd, he seems hit or miss and kerley has been semi consistent given the circumstances...I will keep an eye on them
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I saw Kerley play Monday night and now you got me considering stashing him next week when both Decker and Floyd go on their BYE :thumbright:

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Sanders wears number 88, as mentioned. according to ESPN his yards in the four weeks he's played are 55, 33, 33, and 22. his current position ranking in ESPN fantasy? 88! that is some serious fantasy voodoo right there. maybe he goes for 88 yards tomorrow for 22 points (rushing stats not included).
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i was looking for help for my flex spot this week as i do not wanna go with Donnie Avery. Problem is someone already has Kerley and im already going with Big Ben and Antonio Brown this Sunday. Can i really put all my eggs in one basket and go with Saunders as my flex as well?

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I hope your wrong. Had to let go of Sanders in a dyno to get over my bye weeks. Hope to scoop him up again later and don't want him to make any noise at all while he's on the wire. :)

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Since Njelger reads this I guess that doesn't matter anymore. That guy... =;

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I would buy in sanders but Steelers don't chuck it like they used to. They mainly play small then dink for 5..dunk it for 10. Classic case of OC fitting players to what he knows rather then using all that speed they have. Main concern here is Ben's health because taking 7 step drops then scrambling around for an hour to wait for Wallace to get open, gets Ben hurt. In PPR Sanders will have value but I would not consider him next coming of Wallace from last year... at least until he shows more. Kerley on the other has a better upside and JETS will be chucking it this week. I don't have Kerley on my team because Tebow is about to take it over and that will probably kill Kerley's value (for obvious reasons). ](*,) but it is the JETS...very entertaining. :Drink) Coolaids for everyone...
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Both players drafted & long gone in my league.

Although I suppose that's only true for Sanders because of a little home-town pride.

I agree with the analysis of the PIT-TEN game. TEN will have to pick their poison, and they'll choose to stop Mendenhall. But Ben's too good of a passer to give him one-on-one coverage with that trio of speedy receivers. I think you're going to see a couple long bombs to Wallace in this game, tiberius_100. Hopefully Wallace won't be sporting those stone hands that he seemed to pick up in last week's game.

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Grabbed Kerley a couple of weeks ago and have to start him for bye week since Amendola is out. No room for Sanders but hope you're right. Heck Tony should get you to write these as articles for the front page.

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Not buying Sanders.

Kerley was drafted in my main league, but I did pick him up in my Shark League last night (dropped Nate W).

He played well against Houston, and they have to throw it to someone.


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Yeah I ditched Sanders in my dyno. Just not happening, and I hope for your sake you are right this week, but I doubt it on Sanders. Kerly seems more likely to me. Interesting.

And as far as your predictions, who cares if they are right or not, at least you are providing something interesting and creative to the Main Tank which becomes more rare all the time. So good work.

CleffedUp wrote:
Yeah, it took me a couple of looks to realize it was a pumpkin puking into a toilet.

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Agree with Puking, you are making a positive contribution here, regardless of the actual result. Grabbed Kerley for Hankerson, figuring I will play neither this week but if "Special K" lights it up then at the very least I will have a good little piece of trade bait for the chum.

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