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My recieveing core is pretty tight but I was 11pts away from a win last Monday with Andre Johnson up and he stunk it up with a single point. I am 2-2 now rather than 3-1, I know he's a stud but c'mon man you've done NOTHING! DeSean Jackson is going up against my Detroit Lions he should have a field day but I am still on the fence. I also have Julio Jones, Bowe, and Demariyus Thomas. I'm thinking Bowe and Johnson are the two odd men out this week, but its always my luck I take a guy out he tears it up. What are your guys thought??

10 team full point PPR league

QBs- River/Cam
RBs- Gio/Alf/Spiller/Oliver
WRs- Calvin/Jordy/Antonio Brown/Benjamin
TE- Jimmy/Walker
K- Hauschka
DST- Arizona
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My thoughts are you posted this in the wrong forum and are about to ger chastised by the forum police....
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Start Johnson this week.
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I hate to say it, but I would probably start Jackson. The Eagle's offensive isn't clicking well, but neither is the Detroit defense, so maybe this becomes a shootout.

Same could be said of the Texans, but I think there's less chance (pains me to say it as a Rodgers owner) with the Texans D playing the way it is. Arian Foster runs it down GB's throat.

Mine: viewtopic.php?f=103&t=295709

Yahoo Scoring 10-team, with a W/R/T Flex

QB: Rodgers
RB: J Charles, Matthews, Jennings, LeShoure, BJGE, Mendenhall
WR: Nicks, Maclin, Austin, Cobb, Moss
TE: Hernandez, Celek
K: Suisham
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