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Time to drop/sell? Cassel is bad, Quinn appears to be worse. O-line is high school-esce. Hmmmm :-k

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With his QB situation (seemingly) in limbo at the moment selling him now won't be beneficial. Cassel will be back after the bye week with the Raiders and Chargers back to back. If you're going to sell, wait for Cassel's eventual return and likely two big games then sell.
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Might be able to sell him based on past #s and the fact Cassell is returning.

Bowe has been a garbage time master, and Cassell's arm strength is just painful to watch. I'd be trying to sell left and right.
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Rumor is that he may be packing his bags for Miami. Keep an eye on the situation.

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sparky1213 wrote:Rumor is that he may be packing his bags for Miami. Keep an eye on the situation.

That rumor was invented by Jason Cole of Yahoo. It makes no sense at this point in the season.
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Very much depends on what you're selling him for. Considering his talent and the ridiculous amount of targets he gets, he's a borderline top-15 WR regardless of his QB. Perception is not always reality, so right now, you'll probably end up selling him low.


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