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Argue, don't attack.
Fantasy Football has a lot of opinions, and everyone is entitled to their own here. You're welcome to argue, but don't insult, demean, or otherwise attack your fellow members.

Keep it clean.
Fantasy Football has players of all ages. Don't post anything you wouldn't say or show in front of a 12-year-old. Don't post any messages or images that are vulgar, lewd, crude, or obscene. Don't curse (or c%#$e!) in your posts. Don't post any copyrighted content (links to articles and short excerpts are usually okay though). Use email or private messaging for things you want to share privately.

Stay on topic.
Post in the right forums, (forum index here), and avoid going on tangents or leading threads off-topic. The Main Tank is for NFL and fantasy news and discussion of general interest to fans and fantasy owners. Here are some examples of what you'll find in the forums outside of the Main Tank, with links to that forum:
  • "Should I start this guy or that guy?" (Link)
  • "I've been thinking about/offered a trade... Should I make the deal?" (Link)
  • "This guy just dropped to my waiver wire. Should I pick him up?" (Link)
  • "I love my team!" "I hate my team!" "What do you think of my team?!" (Link)
  • "Great article!" "Awful article!" (Link)
  • "Something is broken." "Why did my thread get moved?" "I wish this forum..." (Link)
  • "You suck!! You don't know :censor:! I wish you were in my league so I'd pwnz you!!!" (Link)
  • "Gophers are destroying my lawn! What should I do?!?" (Link)
  • "Hi!" "Wagga wagga." "Beep." (Link)
  • "Did you just see that catch?!?" "Is this guy still in?" -- On game day, every game will have a thread for boos, cheers, questions like "Is he playing?" and anything about just that game.
Most topics like these will be moved to one of the other forums. Topics don't get moved to punish the poster, but only to put the topic where there are other sharks who want to talk about it or who want to help you.

Moderators are here to help.
Click here to find a Moderator online now and send them private message if you need help. These are long-time members who volunteered because they want to keep the forum the best around. Please remember this when you're writing.

If a moderator can't help you, you can send a private message to the site owner, Tony Holm or a Forum Advisor (list here), or post a message in the Feedback Forum.

Revision history:
12/8/07: Added Side Forum topic examples, expanded moderator section, merged disciplinary policy, moved previous rule discussion here.
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Posts: 4298
Joined: Fri Aug 2, 2002
Sand$: 9,429.18
I thank everyone who enjoys FantasySharks and posts respectfully every day, helping other fantasy football owners just like you. I thank you for contributing to the important conversation, it is my priviledge to host you here. Together I think we can continue to create a place that is chock full of useful, insightful information with an air of friendliness. If you find these rules too restrictive then by all means, there are many fantasy football forums that would love to have you.

I thank you for your understanding and continued support.

1. Personal attacks are not okay. Treat your fellow sharks with respect, don't throw insults or abusive language their way. To be sure, we aren't talking about good-natured trash talk or heated debate, just make sure that the punches stay above the belt.

2. Keep your language clean. Kids visit this site, and we want to make sure to have a healthy environment for them. We have a language filter for a reason, please don't try to get around it.

Should you break the rules, the penalties escalate as follows:

1. Formal PM Warning.
2. 1 Day Suspension.
3. 3 Day Suspension.
4. 1 Week Suspension.
5. 2 Week Suspension.
6. Lifetime Ban.

We reserve the right to issue a suspension or ban at any level based on the severity of the offense.

If you have any questions, ask a moderator or administrator. You can see our names in green or orange in the active user list at the bottom of the forum front page.

Please do give us feedback over in the feedback forum and above all, enjoy your swim in the tank.

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