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Four Notable Changes That May Affect Your Draft

Brandon Marshall traded to Chicago from Miami

With the reuniting of former Denver Bronco teammates, Marshall goes from an anemic Dolphins offense to a Bears offense that will be a big down-field threat with the addition of Marshall. This move actually affects three players: Marshall, Jay Cutler and Devin Hester. All of Marshall’s numbers will definitely go up, as Marshall finally has a quarterback who can get the ball deep to him after leaving Denver. Cutler’s passing yards and touchdown numbers will rise with this addition as well. The player that could be affected negatively is Hester, as this will either bump him into a slot-receiver role or gadget play specialist on the offense.

Randy Moss and Mario Manningham sign free-agent deals with San Francisco

With the inconsistency from Michael Crabtree, the 49ers were given a choice. Stick with the guys they have, or make this offense a juggernaut around Alex Smith and Frank Gore. They decided on the latter, nabbing the future Hall of Famer Moss from free agency, and stealing Super Bowl XLVI hero Manningham from the New York Giants. Yes, the 49ers also added Brandon Jacobs from the Giants as well, but the true notables here are Moss and Manningham. Smith will now feel like a kid in a candy store, but the problem is Moss’ off-and-on diva characteristics. With all these weapons, can coach Jim Harbaugh keep everyone from whining about their touches?

Todd Haley introduced as Offensive Coordinator in Pittsburgh

Now, I know what your thinking. I thought this was supposed to be about players I am supposed to draft, not coordinators. Well, that is the beauty of it, my friend. A change in the offense can always make you think about the players in that offense. With the “secret firing” of Bruce Arians, the Steelers’ offense will start anew with Haley. Gone will be the annoying bubble screens and constantly looking down field for the deep ball. Moving in will be the quick release slants and short passing game to set up the deep ball. The new system will definitely help in one area, keeping Ben Roethlisberger upright. Expect the offensive skill players to benefit from this change as the wideouts will get more catches, and also look for tight end Heath Miller to be targeted more in the red zone.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis signs a free-agent deal with Cincinnati

With the departure of Cedric Benson, Green-Ellis should now see many more touches via handoffs as a Bengal. Green-Ellis cashed in on his postseason play, going to a team that will focus on a balanced attack rather than a Tom Brady passing-fest. This will definitely make Green-Ellis a nice No. 2 running back choice for most teams.

Now, these are just my opinions on which I think will make you think on draft day for your league. And if you are ever unsure about draft values, here a saying to go by – “before you draft, make sure you mock!”

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