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Free Agency Buzz and Best Fits – Quarterbacks

Michael Vick

Team Buzz – New York Jets/Buffalo/Oakland

Best Fit – Buffalo

The soon-to-be 34-year-old former dynamic quarterback leads this year’s underwhelming free agent quarterback class. At this point in his career, like nearly every point in his career, hoping for 16 games from
Michael Vick

would be a foolish prospect. But adding him as a stopgap quarterback as you mold a younger player, he’s a logical option. Vick has already been loosely linked to the New York Jets and Buffalo, two teams with young quarterbacks that could benefit from spending some time on the sidelines. With offensive weapons already in place, Buffalo makes the most sense for Vick in 2014.

Josh McCown

Team Buzz – Tampa Bay

Best Fit – returning as Chicago’s backup

The career backup showed well this past season keeping the Chicago Bears (and more importantly, the fantasy values of his wide receivers) afloat as he looks to flip his breakout season into a starting gig. McCown seems like an ideal option for a veteran team ready to win now and his signing will in no means preclude any team from spending a high pick on a future signal caller. The combine buzz seems to be high on McCown’s prospects and a return to Chicago seems unlikely at the moment.

Josh Freeman

Team Buzz – Oakland

Best Fit – Oakland

Still only 26, their might still be a chance at salvaging the career of Freeman. The bottom really fell out in 2013 and the path to a starting gig looks to be paved on its way to Oakland where Freeman would reunite with former Tampa Bay offensive coordinator Greg Olson. Oddly enough, however, this marriage wasn’t conceived when Freeman was looking for a team last year and ended up in Minnesota, which leaves plenty of unanswered questions, much like Freeman’s career up to this point.

Matt Cassel

Team Buzz – Minnesota

Best Fit –Houston

Cassel never quite seemed to get a fair shake in Minnesota as he, Christian Ponder and Josh Freeman were left to round robin the starting quarterback position seemingly on the whims of the offensive staff. The thought process, or better yet, lack of thought process when it came to the Vikings’ quarterbacks, left Cassel with the decision to opt out of his contract and look for greener pastures. While a return to Minnesota is still a possibility, Cassel will be looking for his fourth chance and his last contract this offseason, and keeping the seat warm in Houston seems like an ideal option.

Other Notable Free Agent Quarterbacks

Matt Schaub (expected to be released)

Best Fit – Baltimore

Chad Henne

Best Fit – Jacksonville

Matt Flynn

Best Fit – Green Bay

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