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The Buccaneers have officially released running back Doug Martin, and with that thousands of fans are going to flock to theories on where he will end up. Being a Doug Martin fan myself (as he contributed to one of my championship runs) I take a look at some of these spots and analyze if they are feasible.  Up first..

8. Washington Redskins

This is probably the one that is most unlikely. The Redskins have a loaded backfield with Rob Kelley, Samaje Perine, and Chris Thompson. While it could happen, I find it just to hard to believe they would restructure everything just for a risky Martin play as he may never bounce back.

7. Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks definitely got their fill of washed up runningbacks last season with Eddie Lacy, so it’s hard to believe they would try this approach again with another unproven option, although on the other side of that argument, the Seahawks might do just that to correct the mistake they made with Lacy. I just feel with the plethora of backs they do have, Martin won’t make the shortlist.

6. Detroit Lions

The Lions have been linked to taking Sony Michel in the draft so they obviously want a new running back to replace Ameer Abdullah and/or Theo Riddick. While that is a good plan, I think they are more likely to get a rookie or younger back then turn to Martin.

5. San Francisco 49ers

For multiple years now, the 49ers have been speculated to be moving on from Carlos Hyde. Hyde has been a picture of inconsistency going from leading the league one week to being garbage the next. With Handsome Jimmy coming into the fold, the team could look to get a new running back but I have to question whether it would be Martin.

4. New England Patriots

This one is in the middle because it’s such a toss up. Bill Belichick is known for his signing of relatively unknowns and aged veterans and turning them into studs. New England could certainly be a landing spot.

3. Tennessee Titans

DeMarco Murray is more than likely leaving Tennessee and Derrick Henry is going to be handed the starting job, but multiple accounts have said that they don’t want to overload him and bring in another back to keep Henry fresh. Martin is a clear cut answer for that, so the Titans are one of the more likely options.

2. Baltimore Ravens

Let me start by saying that the Ravens could possibly be my #1 but it all depends on the status of Kenneth Dixon. The Ravens drafted Dixon to be their guy and an injury sidetracked him. If he is able to bounce back, I find it less likely for the Ravens to bring in Martin when they have Dixon as a starter and Alex Collins & Danny Woodhead for relief. BUT, if Dixon isn’t good, Martin could be a great add for a committee.

1. New York Giants

The Giants are going to the top of my board for landing spots for the Muscle Hamster. The Giants are probably not going to be able to get Barkley (assuming he goes #1 to the Browns) they might consider getting a RB later in the draft and lean on Orleans Darkwa since he did a serviceable job but would be even better by adding Doug Martin to the list and try to recapture “thunder and lightning”.

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