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From Penthouse to Outhouse



1. Darren McFadden showed flashes of brilliance when he was the featured back. (21 carries for 164 yards and a TD.) McFadden seems to be nicked every week though.

Fargas going down gives way to another back, Michael Bush, who looked good (90 yards on 16 carries including a 32-yard TD run.).

2. Denver Broncos moved the ball at will during the one-point win over the Chargers in Mile High. The passing game flourished with three good targets in Marshall, Royal and Scheffler. Jay Cutler was like the golden arm golden boy of seasons past with 36 for 350, four TD’s, and a two-point conversion to win.

(This week’s matchup should be high scoring as Cutler and crew face a poor New Orleans D.)

3. Anquan Boldin wants out of

Arizona? The Cardinals will not let that happen. In the meantime, get him the ball.

Boldin looked unstoppable against a poor

Miami defense. (six receptions for 140 yards, and three TD’s)

4. Kurt Warner started the game 4-for-4 with 165 yards and two TD’s Sunday.

He went on to a 19/24 for 361 yards and three TD performance.


Get on the 4.24 Bandwagon! Chris Johnson is turning heads again.

He ripped off a 51-yard run Sunday to bolster his totals to 109 yards on 19 carries.

He has yet to rush for a TD though. Week 3 sounds good to me against a poor Texans defense that surrendered 138 yards and three TD’s to FWP.


1. LaDanian Tomlinson owners are now scratching their heads over the No. 1 pick overall. The toe injury is nagging and LT looks as if he isn’t as explosive cutting. Darren Sproles is the go-to-back in the meanwhile.

2. Braylon Edwards owners are at a loss for words. Derek Anderson has looked shaky at best. Kellen Winslow seems to be the preferred target. I don’t expect production against a very good and rested Ravens defense this week.

3. Matt Hasselback is a victim of circumstance. He has no one to throw the ball to. Rumblings of signing former NC State product Koren Robinson are everywhere, but will it translate into yardage? John Carlson was his leading receiver this last week (who?). Keary Colbert is also in

Seattle for a workout, or maybe he’s just showing the receivers how to drop more balls.

In any case, it will get worse before it gets better.

4. Carson Palmer is doing his best. Sometimes your best isn’t good enough.

The Bungle offense has looked plain awful. Expect that Palmer will make a few more mediocre starts before they shake the rust off.

He should be the most popular player riding your bench until he shows you a few weeks of consistency. He is a very risky play.

5. Chad Ocho Cinco or whatever his name happens to be is not only overvalued, but a bust so far in this young season.

I had owners swearing he would have better stats than Plaxico Burress. His value is at an all-time low. His shoulder is also a big concern. When you look at his first two weeks averaging one point per week, you must draw the conclusion his risk outweighs his talent. Put him on your bench until he and Palmer show you something that looks like days of past glory.

6. David Garrard looked like a chicken with his head cut off. He was sacked only twice this week with a few starters on the line missing. He posted 165 yards on 17 completions and an interception. The Jags were held to only two 3rd down conversions out of 11. The running game is absent with 98 yards on 27 carries.

In my opinion Garrard never was a fantasy starter. Without a line, or running game, he isn’t a backup either.

Audible of the week:


Denver coach Mike Shannahan knew what kind of break he got on the fumble and opted to go for two to win.

I think he figured his luck could turn in OT and wanted to strike then while he was in the position to win.

Bonehead of the week:

DeSean Jackson needs to check himself. The rookie celebrated prematurely and tossed the ball backward onto the field of play before crossing the goal line.

Luckily no one picked the ball up. You have rocks in your head. Score the TD and act like you’ve been there before rook.

Was he taunting the defensive backs he beat? I’m sure he was.

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