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From the MISC File…as Seen on CN8

Let’s get right into the meat of this week’s topic:  midseason fantasy strategies!!

Take Inventory
Seven weeks of action should be a pretty good sample size so you can determine what certain players are going to do from this point out.  No longer should be waiting on <so and so> to “come around”.  You need to be using players that are proven performers.  Players that aren’t going to help you can be cut from your roster.  Know what you’ve got, identify your strengths and weaknesses and act accordingly. 

Trade for Quality
Any time you can give up a couple good players for one great player, you do it.  Package up those two players you agonize over starting every week to the team that needs players.  If you’ve got 2 TEs that are in the top 5 in scoring and you can only play one of them, trade one of them to help your starting lineup out in other areas. 

Buy Players on a Bye
Many owners don’t take bye weeks into account on draft day, now they are paying the price.  Get a copy of all the rosters in the league and make a move to “help out” the team that has 4 of its top players sitting out the same week.  If you have depth, trade for these guys on their bye week for the betterment of your team in the long run. 

Improve Your Starting Lineup
Depth is great to have, but to win your league championship, you need to have the best starting lineup.  Now is the time to start paring your roster down to the best starting lineup you can put together. Depth is secondary now.  Sure, players are still going to get hurt, but you need to position your team so that you have the best possible starting lineup.  The guys on your bench can’t help you win games so don’t worry too much about your top players being injured.  Ideally, you should have your roster in such a way that you have no decisions to make, the starters should be clear. 

Backup your Top RB(s)
One way you can get yourself depth now if to backup your own players.  Cut loose the 5th or 6th WR you have and get the backup to your stud RB.  If you have Shaun Alexander, get Maurice Morris.  Corey Dillon your man?  Get Patrick Pass.  Trade for these guys if necessary.  Many leagues have deadlines for free agency, you want to position yourself when that time comes, and that means making sure you have a RB to play. 

Know League Deadlines
Speaking of deadlines, many of us are in multiple leagues, make a point right now to make sure you know when the deadlines are for each of those leagues.  Most leagues close off trading at some point, many close off free agency as well.  Be prepared and get your roster in order before the deadlines pass. 

The bottom line is this, no one is going to make a move to help your team.  Get a listing of all the rosters in your league and take a close look at each and every team so see if there is a possible trade matchup.  For instance, one of the teams in my league has two of the top TEs.  I had some depth on my team at RB and a big hole at TE, all of his RBs had the same bye week.  Perfect match.  Make offers to as many teams in your league as possible to see what sticks.  Take a look at the teams that are up against a team you are trying to catch in the standings and see if you can work something out with that team so you both can move up in the standings.  Don’t stand still no matter what your record is, anything can happen, there’s still enough time left to make a playoff run.  Good luck!


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