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From the MISC File on CN8….

Had a very good show last night, everything just clicked.  And as I’m finding out this morning, the on-line link is working so those of you that don’t have Comcast Cable can see and hear the show (I understand the sound was not working the past couple weeks)!!  Hopefully folks are finding the segments interesting, any ideas for topics to discuss in the future feel free to drop me a line at

Hated to have to leave the local “cottage meeting” I was in earlier in the evening.  Thoroughly enjoyed my time there as some very good ideas were exchanged.  As has lately been the case, construction on my usual route into the city forced a later arrival than I usually like, but got in there in time for makeup.  And got to meet the man who has offered former Red Sox General Manager Theo Epstein a position!  The Brockton Rox, a local minor league team sent out a press release that they’ve offered Epstein a position (albeit at a bit of a pay cut) and the national media picked up the story and ran with it.  Funny stuff. 

As for the show itself, Paul Fountain put together an invaluable tool analyzing the schedules of all the NFL teams.  If you haven’t seen it, here’s a link to the article.  Check it out.  That’s what we talked about, no sense rehashing it here. 

As usual we went thru the week’s waiver wonders, start/bench lists, and our top projected players at each position.  Since the show has a New England slant, talked about the upcoming battle between the Patriots and the Colts.  My feeling is that the Colts have finally learned something from New England.  They’ve learned that it doesn’t matter if you beat the tar out of teams early in the season, it just matters what you do in the playoffs.

This year, they are doing just enough to win, specifically, they’re not opening up the playbook on offense.  Indy has been gearing up for this game since the schedule came out, and the NFL did them a favor with the cupcake schedule and bye week leading up to the show down.  I think you will finally see Peyton Manning open things up and put up some tremendous fantasy numbers.  The Colts need to win this game, just so they know that they can beat New England, otherwise there will always be that question in the playoffs if they can advance to the Big Game. 

On the other side, despite the RB woes of New England (only put Corey Dillon in your starting lineup if you have no other options), I think you will see Tom Brady able to move the ball thru the air as well.  As good as the Colts defense has been, they will finally be up against a legitimate offense.  I see a high scoring game with good fantasy numbers on both sides.  Should be fun to watch, and my feeling is that New England will do enough to take a last minute win. 

And while you’re here reading (thanks!), since you hear so much about my “team” on the show, and get the sense of how bad it is doing this year, I thought I might explain a couple of things.  Those of you not interested can feel free to move along. 

This is the eleventh year of the FFL!FFL!FFL! fantasy league.  Yup, that’s the name of it.  Last year, I was finally able to put things together and won the Al Del Greco Trophy.  Red Sox win the World Series, my first year on CN8, first champsionship, coincidence?  Not sure.  In any case, it’s a very competitive league where eleven of the twelve original owners are still involved in the league. 

If you’re truly interested in following along, we use MyFantasyLeague software, league #26170.  Long story short, I’m 2-6.  It is what it is.  I’m in many other leagues, most of which are doing well, and rather than switch gears and talk about a team that I own that is doing well to make myself look good, I will continue to talk about the one team I care about the most.  And this year, it’s not going well.  Fantasy is like that, you can put together the best team possible, but it just doesn’t work out.  And believe me, I’m not giving up on this season yet. 

Now here comes the whiny part….I’ve been lit up by the likes of Willie Parker (season best 31 points in week 2), LJ Smith (26 in week 2), Brian Westbrook (40 in week 3), Neil Rackers (35 in week 4)…yup, a kicker.  Well, you get the idea.  Two weeks ago, put in a nice effort to take down the last of the undefeated, then last week went up against Antonio Gates and El Gato Grande, handing me another loss.  We all have those stories. 

I walked out of draft day with a “core” of the following:  Hasselbeck, McGahee, Harrison, Horn, Burleson, Barlow, Bruce, Thomas Jones, Mason, Jolley.  Some good names, but as it turns out now, some busts are on that list.  I’ve been very active in free agency and making trades.  I packaged up Jones and Mason to get Portis a month ago.  I moved high free agent pickup Antowain Smith for Witten.  Now the team looks like this:  Hasselbeck, McGahee, Portis, Harrison, Horn, Barlow, Witten.  My feeling is that if I could ever get those guys playing at the same time, it’s a team that shouldn’t be beat. 

The point being, fantasy football is tough.  You can do all you can to be in a position to win, and it just might not work out.  This year, I’m one of “those guys”.  You know, the guy that every week seems to have his opponent put up the high score of the week.  It happens to the best of us.  Our league has 6 weeks left, and I’m not giving up, and neither should you if you’re in the same position that I am.  Stranger things have happened.  It starts this week, as we start a six game win streak against the Wookiees.  Go Hogs!

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