Monday - Mar 8, 2021

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From the MISC File on CN8…

Back in studio after a week off, sorry to those of you that were looking for me last week.  First of all, a belated thank you to all the Veteran’s out there, young, old and otherwise.  I know I speak for all of us here at the website when I say that we appreciate the sacrifices you and your families have made for our country.  Secondly, with Thanksgiving next week, we’ll be on Wednesday night.  If all goes well, we’ll be unveiling our second annual All Turkey Team. 

Speaking of last week, took the opportunity to get some extra family time in over the long weekend.  Did some fundraising for the University of Rhode Island Athletic Department, then cashed in on the back end of “kids swap” weekend.  Those of you with parents probably know what I’m talking about, but for those that don’t…our good friends the Walls have two kids about the same age as our two.  One weekend we take on their kids, then we pray that they hold up their end of the bargain and take our kids the following weekend.  Good times, well, the part when we ship our kids out. 

So that’s not why you’re here, let’s talk some football!!  Just a quick hitter on what we talked about outside the realm of the usual stuff (start/bench, waiver wonders, etc.).  This week there were quite a few running backs on the waiver wire list so I thought we’d talk about some WRs that are coming back from injury and should do some strong producing down the stretch.  If you can pluck one of these guys from an unsuspecting owner (“…I see you’re not using so-and-so…”), then do it.  It’s especially important to do this before these guys get any recent stats, ie. before the price goes up. 

Isaac Bruce, St.Louis – Bruce is finally (almost) back on the field.  The Rams passing attack has been waiting for he and Torry Holt to get healthy, once they do, it should once again return to form. 

Anquan Boldin, Arizona – Reports are that Boldin is ready to go this week.  The Cardinals running game is abysmal, with Warner back at the helm, the passing game has been doing very well.  Arizona won’t win many games, so they’ll be playing come from behind a lot, good numbers for the passing game as a result. 

Darrell Jackson, Seattle – Of the guys here, Jackson is probably the furthest away, at least another week.  But again, the Seahawks are a team that likes to pass and when Jackson comes back you will see him step right in and produce. 

Drew Bennett, Tennessee – Fantasy owners remember Bennett for the monster numbers he put up in the 2004 fantasy playoffs.  You can’t overlook that.  Bonus in that my mole in Tennessee reports that he is way ahead of schedule, and even made it thru an entire practice on Thursday.  Could be on the playing field this week. 

So there you have it, some ideas of players to target in trade.  Good luck and look for us on CN8 next WEDNESDAY night!

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