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From the Misc File on CN8….”Don’t Call Him Late For Dinner”

Just a strange night all around, running here there and everywhere.  Work, soccer at the Bird Middle, pick up kids, dinner out, kids to bed, etc.  Got a late start on heading into town, and it nearly cost me.  Why is it that the one time you cut it close on time, the road you’re on is shut down for construction??  As if that wasn’t bad enough, I get in the area, and I NEVER have a problem finding a parking space.  This night will be different (of course!!).  Finally found something three blocks away and literally had to sprint to the studio. 

Good segment on the show, and no problems getting home (always nice to find the car where you leave it!!).  Usually the wife and kids are sleeping when I get home, not necessarily in their beds, but somewhere in the house.  Wife wakes up and asks, “don’t call him late for dinner??  What’s that all about?”  I’m stunned, I didn’t think she watched the show!! 

My mailbox is full all ready as well, the boyz are gonna have some fun with this one.  A feeble attempt at humor went somewhat awry, we were bantying names around, and I blurted out, “well, just don’t call him late for dinner.”  Live television is a funny thing.  Things get said, you can’t take them back.  Just trying to spice things up a bit.  I’m sure Brian will check in once he watches the show on demand and give me his review of the segment.  Whee!

Anyway, that’s not what you’re here to read about.  Let’s get right into some of the topics we touched upon during last night’s show in case you missed it….

News You Can Use…
St.Louis QB – As most of you know, Marc Bulger is likely out for 4 weeks.  Jamie Martin steps in as the starter and you could probably do worse for a fantasy quarterback.  Martin won’t necessarily have Bulger’s numbers, but they should be very good.  Worth a look if one of your other QBs has gone down (especially if you had Bulger). 

Tampa Bay QB – Again, as everyone probably knows, Brian Griese is out for the season.  While Griese probably wasn’t anyone’s starting QB, no doubt he was on someone’s roster with the intention of being used as a bye week fill in.  Chris Simms will be the starter and I would consider him to have some mild fantasy value.  He’s got a good pedigree and will be given an opportunity to lead his team to some wins.  QBs get hurt, so you want to load up on as many starters on your roster as you possibly can. 

Also in the mix in Tampa is Tim Rattay, via trade from San Francosco.  The Niners look to go with the rookie all the way from here, so they had no need for Rattay.  My contention still is that Rattay can be a starter in the NFL, but it won’t be this year.  His fantasy value for this year drops to near nil. 

Another trade was made this week, Miami sending AJ Feeley to San Diego.  Oh how the mighty have fallen…well, not mighty, but he was the starter at the beginning of the season.  The Dolphins gave up a fairly high pick for him and he couldn’t produce.  San Diego must be banking on either Brees or Rivers taking a walk after this season, Feely to step in as backup next year.  His fantasy value this year, already at nil, remains at nil. 

They’re Back this week….
WR Nate Burleson, Minnesota – To say that those of you that took a chance on Burleson stepping in as a solid fantasy player in 2005 being disappointed is really an understatement.  All I can say is, here is your chance.  Reports are that he will be back in the starting lineup this week, use him if you need to this week against the Packers.  If he doesn’t produce this week, he (and the Vikings offense) may never do so this season.  Interesting to note that one of the camera guys in the studio was lamenting that his commissioner won’t take Duante Culpepper off the ‘do not drop’ list.  Again, give it another week, it’s so hard to be patient, but you don’t want to drop the guy and have him explode for someone else. 

QB Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh – Reports were that Big Ben begged to play last week, Cower said no, and the Steelers paid the price.  I say it was a good move on the coach’s part to keep him off the field last week, hopefully allowing him to fully heal.  He’s back this week, and is a viable bye week fill in starter. 

RB Julius Jones, Dallas – Bill Parcells pulled a fast one, chewing out Anthony Thomas, then giving him the bulk of the carries last week.  Reports are that Jones will be back, get him in your lineup immediately if that is indeed the case. 

Late word out of Dallas this week is that Jones will NOT be playing in week 7, adjust your lineup’s accordingly. 

A quick note about the Miami/Kansas City game being moved to Friday night.  Check in with your commissioner, but leagues should be dealing with that game just as they would with any other ‘early’ game in the week (ie. Thanksgiving, opening night, etc.).  Teams should be required to lock in players from Miami and Kansas City before kickoff on Friday, then be allowed to submit the rest of their lineup at the usual deadline.  Many leagues have late waivers, check to make sure your league’s waivers will be run before game time.  Don’t be caught without Priest Holmes in your starting lineup this week. 

We also gave a sort of Patriots “Mid-Season” Fantasy Report.  New England is off so we touched upon the main fantasy entities and how they’ve done as compared to pre-season fantasy expectations. 

QB Tom Brady – Brady has turned back the clock 2 years and is far exceeding expectations.  He has become a weekly fantasy starter for those that have him.  Look for this to continue. 

RB Corey Dillon – As it got closer to game time last week, it became apparent that Bill Belichick wasn’t going to play Dillon, giving him two full weeks to rest his injuries.  He suited up, but let down his fantasy owners by not putting on his helmet the entire game.  That hurts.  Aside of that, he’s performed slightly below expectations anyways, New England going to the air more often.  The saving grace is that Dillon has been getting in the endzone, we’d like to see some more yards on the way there.  As the weather turns cold, the Patriots know what to do, and that’s run the football.  Dillon should be in store for a nice second half to the season. 

RB Patrick Pass – Just a note here that Dillon owners should also have Pass to protect against any future injury.

WR Deion Branch – Branch is performing about as expected.  He’s a viable fantasy starter, though some consistency would be nice on a weekly basis. 

WR David Givens – Givens is also performing about as expected.  He’s been more hit or miss, probably a fantasy backup.  Personally, I don’t like either of the Patriots WRs as a fantasy owner. 

TE Daniel Graham – Two weeks ago he showed signs that he was going to start putting up good numbers, then last week he did hardly anything.  Could be a strong second half on tap, but I’d consider Graham a backup right now…and I wouldn’t ever consider him late for dinner. 

TE Ben Watson – Watson had low expectations coming into the season, a possible sleeper.  That hasn’t materialized. 

K Adam Vinatieri – Performing as expected, one of the top kickers in the league.  He continues to be one of the clutchest (word?) NFL kickers. 

Defense – This is where it hurts, New England’s defense had very high expectations coming into the season.  Right now, they are not worth owneing.  They’ve only recorded 3 turnovers all season, and with the injuries mounting, I’m not sure they will be a viable fantasy entity at all this season, not even a bye will fill in. 

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