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From the Misc File on CN8

Quick hitter recapping last night’s discussion…

Most of the stuff we talk about is from other articles, especially Ron Anish’s start bench list and Glenn Anderson’s Waiver Wire, though we usually try to squeeze in some discussion about something else.  Last night we talked about a few things to keep in mind now that week one is in the books:

Don’t Panic!!
Yes, many times qualifying for the playoffs can come down to one game, so you don’t want to waste a week, but the first week can be wacky.  Just ask those folks that picked either St.Louis or Minnesota in their survivor pools!  Many of the ‘better’ teams just want to get thru the pre-season without anyone getting hurt.  By doing so, they aren’t sharp for week one.  On the flip side, some of the ‘lesser’ teams use the pre-season to really gear things up, and they are more prepared for week one. 

In any case, don’t do anything crazy – yet.  The Minnesota offense isn’t going to be quiet all season.  Shaun Alexander and Domanick Davis aren’t going to be on your bench (at least not this week).  These guys will come around.  Don’t do anything rash, stay the course, give the guys you spend high draft picks on another week to prove they belong in your starting lineup.

Scan The Waiver Wire
Probably the most important thing to do right now is to scan the waiver wire.  Upgrade your team wherever you can do so, even if you are upgrading your backup TE.  This week is a tremendous opportunity to pick up players that went undrafted but will be fantasy starters.  If nothing else, grabbing good players off the waiver wire will keep them off your opponent’s team. 

Cut Loose Dead Weight
Every team has the flyer they took in the late rounds (ie. Doug Jolley, David Terrell, etc), these guys can be cut loose.  Injuries have already reared their ugly head, guys like Javon Walker and Eric Shelton can be set free.  Get these guys off your active roster and pick something off the waiver wire in their place. 

Look to Trade
It’s never too early to see what kind of trades you can make.  While it’s still early, it’s not too early to come up with a preliminary picture of how the team you drafted is going to look.  If you’re a little heavy at one position, look to find a team that is light in that are and see if you can swap to strengthen both teams.  Of course, it’s always a good time to see what you can get for a guy like Willie Parker that is tearing it up right now.  Seek out that RB starved team and see if you can grab one of their better WRs for him, if you can.  If nothing else, it lets the teams in the league know you’re willing to deal and they can come back to you later in the season.  Let them know that “you are there for them.”


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